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I am considering getting either a Sig P220 or an HK45 as my next .45 ACP pistol. I was hoping I could ask y’all for your feedback and impressions on these two pistols. I am looking for opinions on accuracy, reliability, durability and “feel”. I currently have 1911, Browning Hi-Power and CZ 75B SA so that is my starting point for “feel” which I understand is a very subjective term.

Any feedback, pro or con, would be appreciated.


I can't speak to the specific models you have mentioned but I do have a Sig 225 and a HKP2000SK LEM. As of now my main carry is the HK but I would say either brand is a great gun . In fact I feel they are the top two brands making fire arms today. I realize that does not help you much in narrowing down you choice but I don't think you can go wrong with either brand.
You are deciding between two great firearms I used to have a Sig 220 sold it along time ago (not a good choice) I currentlt have The H&K 45 USP in full size and compact love them both fully reliable try shooting both the Sig and H&K before buying which ever you like best buy.
You, sir, have a dilemma. You've chosen two great firearms! Can you afford both? I chose a Sig P220 Compact (it is a wee bit smaller than the P220) as my carry weapon. The grips feel great, so I haven't done anything to this firearm except to shove rounds down the pipe. And it shoots really, really nice. As for the H&K 45's. Excellent also, hence your dilemma. Certain H&K models have grips that are intended to be worn with gloves. (Well, that's the way they felt to me.) Without the gloves, those models can do some serious tuggin' at the range. H&K has other (newer?) models that have "friendlier" grips. The bottom line, no matter what firearm you choose: if it doesn't feel good in your hand, lay it down and walk away. Don't try to "sell" yourself on it. There are too many firearms out there. As for 45ACP, it's "the one" for me. I have never fired any other caliber that feels as good to shoot. I wish you only the best in your decision. As for me, I've narrowed my next purchase down to: another 45! I'm already savin' and plottin'. Good Luck.
I purchased my first Sig about a month ago. I couldn't be more pleased. I feel it is the perfect carry gun for ME. It is the Sig P250. I have never shot a DOA handgun that shoots as well as this one. I was telling my brother about it (who seems to have at least one gun from every manufacturer). He has, if memory serves, 3 Sigs. He said "Sigs are great. I think they are the best handgun made." Then he said "except maybe for my H&K". As you can see I am very little help. Just pick the one that feels best and you shoot well. I am sure you will be very pleased with either.
I have a Sig P226 (9mm) and a HK USP .45. While neither is ideal for carry (in that they are not the compact, more concealable models), I am pleased with both.

If you can't decide between the two, consider a few things. HK is a polymer pistol, making the gun light for its size. The USP models have a manual safety/decocker that can be used similar to a 1911 (cocked and locked). HK pistols have a unique poygonal barrel that increases accuracy, at least for me.

As far as SigSauer pistols, they usually have a steel slide, making the gun heavy. Most SIG pistols do NOT have a manual safety (1911 models do as well as the SAO models). That may be a consideration if you want the security of a manual safety. The safey mechanism is completely internal, keeping the firing pin disengaged until the trigger is pulled. The barrel is the standard lands and groove style.

I hope this brings some insight to your decision. Good luck to you with whatever you choose!
I own several Sigs and they have all provided me with excellent service. Maybe it's time I go for an HK, you've got a tough choice. Let us all know what you put your money down on.
Well, I was able to handle both at the gun show today and the Sig just did not feel comfortable in my hand. The HK45 felt real good but was priced above my limit for the day. I guess I will have to save another couple of months before I make my purchase.

Thanks for all your input.
I have both weapons

I have both the Sig 220 and the HK USP 45. The Sig is one of my main carry guns and is starting to show some wear. I would love to send it back to the factory to be refinished, but cannot justify the cost at this time. I will never trade this weapon for anything. The HK USP 45 is a very nice weapon but is kind of on the large size. I have not invested to much into it for holsters or accessories. It is now living in my safe as a back up home defense weapon. I am actually considering trading it in for a M&P 45. But both are a good choice, my preference is a 1911 followed very closely by the Sig 220.

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