Show Off Your Latest Catches!

I spent 15 months on Adak back in 1980-81. One night the E-club manager came inthe bar area and offered one night's drinks free for anyone willing to clean fish for him.

Since he took 4 volunteers, I thought he had a lot of fish to clean. He did. All THREE of them. North Pacific Halibut. The one I worked on provided 175 pounds of pretty, white, fileted meat.

And the salmon fishing was great, too.

Well, you all live where there are some BIG fish! Jealous. Here's our latest. BTW, it's winter here. :)


Nice catch! I'll be doing some fishing there next weekend. What did you use for bait? I hear meal worms work great this time of year.

here are a bunch of my recent catches. Both pike were 40 inches and 17 and 18.5 lbs. The laker was 32 inches. Halibut was 109lbs. Tarpon was in Puerto Rico caught on a live anchovie and on 8lb test (20 lb fish). All trout are over 7 lbs with my biggest being 10 (one with me in the hut in the dark)
I have not had time to fish much this due to work, but here's a couple pic from the last trip. Me and my oldest granddaughter got to go before school started back.
These are from last month. Not a big catch but some good crappie!

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Ive gotta say, most of the fish I catch in Michigan are Bass and Bluegill, out of all the fishing trips Ive had, my wife has caught the biggest fish of the two of us, an 16" Large Mouth, wasnt much biting that day, she just happened to drop her line by mistake as we were headed back to shore and wham, sucker caught right on. She couldn't pull it in all the way so I had to finish it for her. Sucker put up quite a fight. But, she took the credit for it
Love to get out fishing with my daughter. 23 and she still likes fishing with her old man!![emoji106]

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