Sending this letter to my Senator.

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I finally got feed up so I'm sending this letter to New York Senator George Winner of District 53 (Which is my district). You can look these bills up on NRA's web site. I know it's not going to do much but I had to do something. I'm getting so sick of NYS law makers continuing to pass gun law after gun law. All because we upstate residents are out numbered by the liberals in NYC.::madb: Sorry but when I see states like Florida and how they enjoy the right to defend themselves, it just makes me so angry to live in NYS.

To the New York State Senate,

I am writing in reference to Bill Number A6525A. Being a resident/voter of New York State, I disagree with this bill. First of all, let me clarify that I am not, nor have I ever been the owner of a gun shop. I’m just speaking as a law-abiding citizen and resident of New York State. The facts listed in the justification for this law are incorrect according to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division for 2006. They do not list 2007. According to their web site, as of 2006, there were 10,177 firearms used in the commission of murder in the United States. Of those, 400 were committed in New York State (including NYC). So the stated justification of “30,000 firearms used to kill in the US and over 1,000 in NYS” is a gross over statement to say the least. Also, I believe there is a constitutional problem with Section 909. It is in conflict with the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Also, the “required liability insurance of $1,000,000” is outrageous. Its obvious purpose is to close as many gun shops as possible. This bill and others like it, make me afraid to live in New York State. My “elected” officials have been slowly taking away my rights with each law they pass.
Please, don’t be fooled, vote “NO” to this bill. It WILL NOT help but only make it harder for the law-abiding small business persons in New York State to provide for his/her families.

I am writing in reference to Bill Number A9819A. This bill will do NO more to stop trafficking of guns than the bill above. The only thing it will do is cost the law-abiding New York State resident/voter more money. With the cost of everything else at an all time high, you want to pass a law that is going to make yet something else cost more. Most criminals will take a file to the firing pin and there goes the stamp. Senators will you please use some common sense.
The only people you are hurting are the law-abiding people with these gun laws you are dreaming up. The lawmakers in New York have already made it illegal or nearly impossible for law-abiding residents to defend themselves. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the police have NO obligation to defend us. It’s time YOU give us back the right to defend ourselves and our families. The first gun control passed in 1911, was written/sponsored by a know criminal, Timothy Sullivan. Everyone knows why he proposed it and the only change that has been made since 1911 was in 1931 to add fingerprints and photos. Even back then the criminal, Mr. Sullivan, new the best way to get away with more crimes. Make it harder for law-abiding New Yorkers to get their hands on guns.

As for the following bills: 7331, 3451, 2772, 829, 76 and 3447, my request is for you to please vote NO. New York State already has far to many laws on the books like these. Adding more and more is only going to push more and more law-abiding people out of the state, while allowing the criminals plenty of reasons to prey on the residents/voters of New York State.

Hope it helps. You never know, if more people took a pro active approach things could change. I think it was Reagan that made the quote once "they don't have to see the light but they need to feel the heat".

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