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I found this to be pretty interesting...they sell sheets of custom-cut Kevlar III-A by the square inch ($1/sq in). It might be cheaper somewhere else, or you might also be able to get Dyneema or something as well, not sure. But, this should do the job nevertheless.

Basically you can outfit an average school backpack for about $150...which is really ideal, since most schools of all kinds are "Gun Free Zones" now. This is an item that's already worn securely on the torso area, and you probably have a 30% chance or so of having your back squarely towards a shooter who just rounds a corner and starts going off. Ordinarily, that would be your most vulnerable posture, because you would need to turn around, assess the situation and then take some sort of action.

However, a backpack insert changes things considerably in your favor. If you see a shooter from any angle and you have the backpack on, you can simply turn your back to them, put your head down, and run like hell. You'll be putting a significant amount of space between you and them, and the absolute worst they could probably do is hit your legs. Even if you were just sitting around with it nearby, you could grab and use it as a shield. Or, if you're carrying or just think you have a chance, you can turn the bag around and use it as an impromptu front shield during a counterattack.

I attend a GFZ university and my backpack has pockets that I think would accept this very comfortably. I'm seriously considering getting it. It's 1/3 of an inch thick, which shouldn't be too bad...not sure what the weight would be, but I'll have to call tomorrow and check. Any thoughts on how feasible this would be overall?

Other advantages of this are that the sheet can be changed out to another bag if you get something else, and it wouldn't be subject to the stress from moisture and heat buildup that supposedly adversely affects worn body armor.

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You can buy a complete vest for around $300. The back panel would fit nicely in the backpack, with a few inches on each side. Some velcro stitched to the inside of the backpack and to the panel would secure it in place nicely. If you need to use the vest as intended, you can remove the panel from the bag and place it back in the carrier.


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