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SECTION 23-31-215. Issuance of permits.

(C) SLED shall issue a written statement to an unqualified applicant specifying its reasons for denying the application within ninety days from the date the application was received; otherwise, SLED shall issue a concealable weapon permit. If an applicant is unable to comply with the provisions of Section 23-31-210(4), SLED shall offer the applicant a handgun training course that satisfies the requirements of Section 23-31-210(4)(a). The course shall cost fifty dollars. SLED shall use the proceeds to defray the training course’s operating costs. If a permit is granted by operation of law because an applicant was not notified of a denial within the ninety day notification period, the permit may be revoked upon written notification from SLED that sufficient grounds exist for revocation or initial denial.

SECTION 23-31-210. Definitions.
(4) “Proof of residence” means a person’s current address on the original or certified copy of:

(a) a valid South Carolina driver’s license;

(b) an official identification card issued by the Department of Revenue, a federal or state law enforcement agency, an agency of the United States Department of Defense, or the United States Department of State;

(c) a voter registration card; or

(d) another document that SLED may determine that fulfills this requirement.

Now am I wrong or does SECTION 23-31-215 "mis-state" the reference to availbility of a training course when it references SECTION 23-31-210(4) ? Should not that be SECTION 23-31-210(5)(a)?? ??

Are am I dreaming?? This bothered me when reading the rules before the CCW class..

Looks like you are correct. Evidently when they inserted that secion in they forgot to renumber the referencing code.
Now you know better than that....

I remember when my instructor handed out the SLED test he specifically pointed out there were no misprints on the test, no matter what anybody taking the test thought because he had it directly in writing from SLED that there were no errors of any kind on the test.

So, keep in mind you can't carry in any establishment that serves alcohol or beer and whine.....
Can't carry in my house then... there's an 8 year old and 3 year old whine there every night :) LMAO

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