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I recently purchased a Ruger SR9, I just wanted to see what people think of them. I like mine alot purchased it used for $250 right place at the right time.
I am new to the gun thing so will have many questions new but have my CCW in NH and own 20 or so guns.

I would really love to have one. I actually haven't handled one yet, but I love Rugers. I have a p89 and a p345. Both have been totally reliable and durable. I think you got a really good deal and have made a good choice.
I've been considering that gun. I read a review in one of the gun mags, I believe it was by Masaad Ayoob, and he seemed to really like it for the most part. His only real complaint was with the accuracy. I'd be interested in reading how yours shoots on the range. Please keep us posted.
It feels nice. It points nice. Everything about it is nice........


It has a loooonnnggg overtravel. It will make it difficult to get the accuracy out of it short of resting the gun.

Maybe it can be fixed. Once they do that, or the rest of us figure out how to do it, it will be a viable gun in the sea of hicap 9mm's.

While not nearly as bad as the SR9, I should point out that the Glock, M&P and the XD have unflattering triggers out of the box, also.

Once a trigger job is done on these, it's hard to recall how bad they were originally.

Hopefully, the SR9 will benefit just as much from a trigger job.

Every rag I read has had the SR9 on the cover! They ALL praise it's durability and how accurate do you need to be in 10'? ;)

Enjoy it and then sell it to me.

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