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I just traded in my Walther PPKS for a Ruger LC9 9mm. Have anyone ever used this gun?? I would like your opinion or experince with it! I would appreciate your comments. THANNKYOU!!!:thank_you2:


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I have owned a LC9 since June 7th. I carry all the time (where I legally can of course) its a amazing size to carry both pocket or IWB(I carry this method). The holster I use is called Tuck-This-II made by DeSantas(I bought it for $35). Of all the holsters I've tried this one is the best. Hides the LC9 very well and great comfort.
The trigger pull is long and takes time go adjust to, cleaning is not too bad. The safetys are in my view very good, and tried myself to deactivate the slide safety when I draw. Sights are ok, I'd like to see Night Sights at somepoint. The magazines are quality and fair price. I highly recommend the pinky guard so you can top grip.


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Great gun! Easily concealable anywhere on your body. Shoots like a dream for a little gun and feels good in the hand (with the finger rest magazine). I've run close to 1000 rounds through mine and it just seems to get better each time I throw lead down the barrel.


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I have one but for the life of me it's going to take a while for me to get used to it and become any kind of marksman with it. It just doesn't fit my big paw. No, let me rephrase that my big paw doesn't fit this fine firearm but hopefully I will get better with it in time. Whatever, don't take my critique as a review of the gun itself. It's a good shooter and surprisingly very accurate for the price and physical size. If iy fits your hands and can shoot it well, you have a winner.


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I have a big mitt, too. I seem to do better at the range using the magazines with the finger extension on the bottom. That let's me grip it better.

When I carry in my pocket holster (Uncle Mike's, size 3), I use the shorter magazine so it doesn't stick out the top of my jeans pocket. With a regular belt holster (deSantis Mini Scabbard), I use the extended end mag.


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Price range?

What is a good price range for a new LC9? I'm on the lookout for a good sub-compact 9mm that is a decent price yet good quality.


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Bud's is hard to beat for most guns. I have bought from them with good results. They ship free to your local FFL dealer, so the only added cost is whatever your FFL charges for transfer and local fees. And Bud's is large enough they have most guns in stock even when some dealers do not. is sometimes a good place to buy, too. There are 136 LC9s on there right now and various bid prices (some lower than Buds's and some higher), plus one used one with a $289 "Buy-it-now" price.

Many local FFLs are already registered with Bud's and/or Gunbroker and will be happy to handle your deal for you. They make a couple bucks but don't have to carry the inventory and they get a customer (you) out of the deal.


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I have seen it on a few local sites (to me) in the mid 300s. On an economical note, it is about $400 less than a base model Sig P290.


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COUGARAM Try sticking out your thumb and holding your little finger out straight, sort of like the "rock and roll" symbol but pointing away from your body. This grip has reAlly help me with the LCP! I too have large hands and once you get aquanted with this style it feels pretty good.


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I checked out one of these yesterday, I have the LCP, but I've been kicking around moving up to a weapon with better sights. What I love about the LCP is the ability to pocket carry, I'm not sure it would be as easy with the LC9.

But overall I REALLY like the feel...I'll probably try and rent one, then decide from there.

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