Ruger 44 magnum redhawk


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Anyone ever own one or have one right now looking for a input


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I had a super blackhawk with a ten inch barrel, pretty much the same thing as the red hawk. It's a really good gun, had to sell it though :( What are you looking to get one for?


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I jue to posses it !t bought one on Friday,but due to being in NY it will be 2-4 weeks before I can pick it up !
7 1/2" Super Redhawk . I own it but need permission from the judge to possess it.


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I had a Rehawk, .44 mag., 5 inch barrel, that was probably the best revolver I have ever owned. And I traded it in a moment of insanity. That was one accurate revolver. I was shooting 300 grain handloads out of it and keeping them in a 9 inch pie plate at 100 yards. That might not sem like much to some people, but for me it was impressive. The weight of the piece just soaked up recoil, but the barrel length made it very easy to carry in the field. The next one I can find is moving in here!


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I own Super Redhawk .44 Mag with an Burris Scope 3x9x40 I Love this Gun for hunting.

Its very accuriate, Dependable. Never had any Issues with it. I carry it in an Uncle Mike Shoulder holster that fits around my chest

its always handy I live in New York Area where it gets cold during hunting season and It never gives me any problems

Great all around hunting deer gun.


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I own a Stainless Redhawk .44 mag with a 7.5" barrel. It has the Ruger scope rings and a Burris 2X scope. I love this pistol and have carried it with a couple different type of Uncle Mike holsters. I reloaded 180g, 200g, 220g, 240g, and 300g bullets for it. I found that the 200g bullets were the most accurate of my different loads at 100 yards ... but all were able to pass the "pie plate test" shooting offhand.


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I want it for hunting either as a back up or as the gun ill be hunting with also alot of you will tell me im stupid but also for now and then open carry gun I really dont care about how heavy it is cause I know its heavy and dont care about it showing.

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