robber guilty of accomplice murder


M. Todd Bayliss
You gotta love this. Not only is the store clerk not being charged for killing one of the robbers, but the surviving felon has been found guilty in the murder of his buddy.

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This happened years ago in Crime Hlls (formerly and officially known as Pine Hills), a suburb of Orlando. A guy saw 3 guys jump out of a vehicle and run towards his front door. He grabbed a gun and when they kicked in the door he shot and killed the first guy :46:. The other 2 were charged with his death. Ta da! :bdaysmile:

BTW: here's a new one for the Glossary: OLBG = One Less Bad Guy
I don't think I should be sentenced to 60 years."
I agree. He should be sentenced to death.
That's the way it should be.

I think more District Attorneys should have the guts to do that. If more criminals get charged with the murder of their accomplices, maybe more law-abiding citizens will start defending themselves and not have to fear getting charged.
In MI it's called Felony Murder. Been on the books in this state quite awhile. Gotta admit though that I don't see it used much. Supposedly, anyone killed during the commision of a felony will warrant the charge.
That's great! Whining liberals will often blame the victim and say, "Someone must be held accountable!" (as if death isn't accountability). However, this really seals the deal in terms of making the accomplice responsible for everything that happened during the robbery.

They should also have to pay the victim back for the ammunition. :yes4:

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