road rage today


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Not me really. Some guy swerved in front of me today so I laid on the horn because I almost rear ended him as he slammed on the brakes.

He continued doing it then turned down the same road i take to work. He stopped in front of me and asked to fight. Ha ha. Anyway I told him to stop driving like a dumbass and drove off.

He then decided to follow me to work. As I pulled up to the gate at work I pulled my gun and put on my seat in case he decided to follow me in.

What the hell is wrong with people.

I had a very similar experience this past Friday. After cutting me off and nearly causing an accident I honked my horn and flashed my high beams (no hand gestures on my part). We were stopped at a red light and one of the passengers got out and stared at me. It was at night so I'm not sure if he saw me open my center console and reach inside. He got back in the car and they drove off w/o further incident.

With about a million CC permits in the state of Florida, and the no-retreat Castle Doctrine applying to your vehicle, you've got to be a real idiot to go after somebody in their car.

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i've been thinking about adding some pro-gun stickers to my vehicles. but that would take away the surprise and the shatting their pants when i pull my piece to protect myself. ha ha.

I have a sticker on my rear window...available Link Removed. I don't care if they soil themselves or not. I just hope they will think twice about being stupid in a no-stupid zone if they see the sticker.

Mods...I'll accept a mere 5% of future sales of the stickers as an advertising fee. Just mail me a check, ok?

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