Replacement Obama Pastor Just As Controversial As Wright


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Just in case you don't have enough reason not to vote for Obama yet.

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my gosh!!! give me a break... what a list of quotes from this idiot about jesus and the bible... somebody please get these people a life!
Quote from article attributed toRev. Otis Moss:

Abraham “pimped his own wife.”

Okay, I'm pretty sure I find the guy disgusting and offensive; but I've heard the story of Abraham telling Pharaoh that his wife was his sister because of fear since I was a child. My reaction to the story has always been a close parallel to Rev. Moss's statement and, while crude, is pretty accurate.

I still find it hard to believe a politician could keep company with people like this and not be exposed by the press; I think that pretty well proves Obama's 'special treatment' by the media, at least in this country.
Many people would find the phrases that this guy uses to be shocking, but consider the audience. Moss falls into the same category as other contemporary preachers seeking to be understood by younger people. The only difference is that he's replacing "a real slick character" with "hustler", or what have you. The language might be obnoxious, but it's certainly not blasphemous.

The Bible is about real life and human imperfection, the same types of themes that resonate today. The major characters, for the most part, are not saints carved into marble. Most "great" people also have great imperfections.

# “Jesus has a soft spot for thugs.”
Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin, and we all fall short of the glory of God.

# “God is always using thugs to do God’s work.”
Indeed, he is - he's using us. Really, what person is any better than the surly gangbanger you see walking down the street with his pants falling down?

# “Everyone has a little bit of thug in them.”
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. - John 8:7

# Jacob was a “hustler” who “stole his own brother’s birthright.”
Well, he did. Esau was at fault, but Jacob was no angel either.

# Moses was a “thug” and “if he got mad would give you a royal beatdown.”
Moses' temper and stubborn nature are well documented. He doesn't seem like someone I'd want to have get mad at me.

# Sampson was a “thug” and a “player.”
:showoff: It seemed like Samson was always hanging out with women.

# David was a “thug,” a “shot caller,” and a “player,” and a man after God’s own heart.
He was most assuredly a shot-caller and a player. For example, if he happened to like your wife, you might get knocked off. If that's not calling shots and playing, I don't know what is. Like everyone, he made mistakes. But, he also had a strong relationship with God.

“Jesus is on the cross being lynched between two thugs. The moment of execution, the moment of murder, Jesus, the son of God, is hanging out with thugs.”
Jesus was put on Earth to save sinners (thugs). He walked with thugs, prostitutes, alcoholics, beggars, etc. That doesn't contradict anything. So far, it sounds like to me that Moss hasn't said anything that's not regularly covered by every old-school Southern Baptist preacher I've ever heard.
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