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Ok, hopefully I didn't post this in the incorrect section........(apologizes now).
On the Random Album Picture (RAP), is there a way a person can just scroll through them to check them out; OR do you just have wait for however long it takes to change?? The only thing I have noticed, is when you change to another screen, the RAP changes. Is this on a somekind of delay? I guess I got a two part question here......How often does the RAP change......AND Is there a way to scroll through them??
Still learning over here getting around, plus I don't have all day long to be on the computer like some of you bums are....:sarcastic:
Thnx. Lukem or whoever can answer.

No way I know of to "scroll through" the Random Album Picture. (See Pascal's definition) If you really want to see the pictures, you could go to the Members List and open each member's album. When you need to sign off, just remember who you left off with for next time.
The only way I know of to change the pictures that show up in the random album pictures is to refresh the screen.
Let me try it again....... You know how SOME photo's have arrows to the left and right of them because there are more than one photo (but of course in no particular order....just "random") to look at? You click on the Right arrow, you move to the Right, you click on the Left arrow, you move to the Left. I thought for some reason there was a way to do this that I was not aware of. Guess I didn't explain myself/question correctly. I wanted to scroll to look at members firearms only, instead of non-interesting ones.

NOW I know what the "random" buttom thingy means on my CD player! :to_pick_ones_nose3:
Sorry, I knew what you meant and will re-iterate that the random album photo feature here doesn't have the left/right, or up/down arrows. You can either view the member's albums or refresh the page.

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