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what ear protection (any specefic manufacturer etc) do you prefer?

Ear protection

I have a peltor unit. The pivot on one side has broken and the ear pads have fallen off. I had to glue them back on. right now I do not think they are worth the price.

a cheap way to go is to use foam plugs and economy ear muffs on top of that. the problem is you cannot hear anything when you do this.

I will probably look at another brand of electronic ear muffs but would not buy peltor again.
What kinda ear what did you say?? Speak up I can't hear you!!! :)

Uh usually whatever happens to be in my range bag as I'm out the door. I used to like those silicone ear plugs that you just push in and then snug on to seal off the ear. But I got tired of cleaning them and if you ears get sore well then you can't shoot. I like muffs. The sound cancelling muffs are good, at least until harley pulls out the full auto 50. The electronics struggle a bit at shutting off the first 4 or 5 shots leaving the barrel. Definately a good thing to have ear protection though. There is always one person on range who does not respond when I shout ceasefire. I go over to find out they've shot the sound out of their ears so to speak.
I have a few pairs of Peltor Tactical 6S behind the head ear muffs that I use while on the range, and when doing one on one (or two on one) shooting instruction.


thanks ya'll.............looks like I'll check out some peltors.
I don't know the manufacturer, but I use the earplugs that I purchase from the sporting goods store.

As a side note, I have discovered that these earplugs make good bait when fishing for salmon. Has anyone else tried this?
is that after you use them and they are covered in ear wax or right outta the bag?:to_pick_ones_nose:
usually pretty satisfied with the disposable one's at wal mart.. 6 or 8 pairs for less than 2 bucks.. also have some muffs I use. depends on my mood I guess. either way I don't wanna lose my hearing:)
mostly ear plugs, and sometimes muffs.

I typicaly use the roll-up expanable ear plus, or the push-in rubber style(prefer theses)

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