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I have been reading about tritium night sites and came across TruGlo tritium & fiber optic sites. tritium I guess is only good for darkness and does not help at all during the day or where light is strong. the tritium & fiber optic sites use fiber optics to make the sites bright where there is light and the tritium in darkness is further magnified by the fiber optics in the dark. or so I have read. so I would like to know if anyone has used the TruGlo TFO sites before? or currently? and what has your experience been? I have read that they are even coming out with second generation TFO's which will fix some problems that some have had with the first generations. I guess durability has been an issue. my next question. is TruGlo the only company that makes sites that have both tritium and fiber optics? I love that concept and would like to fit my EAA witness as well as my baby eagle (as soon as it comes in" if such sites even exist for these models. thanks in advance for any input

I have TFO's on two of my three carry guns. The only reason they are not on my M&P is because they do not make them yet. They are extremely bright in the sun and in the dark. I have tried many night sights and TFO's are my favorite.
Have 2 kimbers with them.I found all other night sight washed out when using light at night shooting sessions. Tfo got front sight back in picture.
how long have they been on all your guns? just been reading that parts have been falling off. not sur eif it has to do with the way people treat their pistols.. or if it is just a design flaw. and how long does the tritium in them glow for?
Mine came on the pistol. I've had it for a year and a half and I've put about 3000 rounds through it. I've also used it to dry practice with over 9000 draws from the holster. The sights haven't been a problem.
The sights are longer than most and mine have been on 2 years. The neat thing is if gun does not fire you can cause a radation spill with them.

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