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I got my Nevada non-resident permit a couple of yrs ago when I had a Glock 27. At that time I got my blue card for that gun. Recently I have sold that gun and now have a Glock 19. Does anyone know if I'm ok to carry or do I have to reshoot with that gun? And will I need to get another blue card?

You have to qualify with the Glock 19 and have it specifically amended to your Nevada CFP since it's a different model of firearm. The semi-auto specific portion states it's for make, model and caliber. Failure to do so and you get caught will result in a felony charge.

You are only required to get a Clark county blue card if you are a Clark County resident or you are in Clark County for over 60 contiguous days.
ZW you need to go to the ccw class where you were taking the ccw class. Have your instructor go with you to the shooting range for your qualify shooting. Then he will give you a paper work for addition your new gun, and take it to the LVMPD. Then they will mailing another ccw permit.

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