OKAY - DON'T take the wife to the range!


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A friend of mine once told me that I should never teach a wife or girlfriend how to shoot. When I asked why he responded, "Because one day you'll get her mad and she'll shoot you."

That ran through my mind when I saw this on CNN:

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I am actually quite glad I thought my wife to shoot. One day she may save her life. One day she may save mine. However, I am sure if she wanted to shot me she wouldn't hit the TV. :)
Mine just doesn`t have an interest in shooting guns or even learning how to shoot one in the event she may need too.I have tried everything to no avail.

My ex used to enjoy going to the range. She was only a so-so shot but she enjoyed plinking away with the .22 and experimenting with "her" .32. It did build up her confidence to work the plates (steel and paper) with her own weapon.
I have been blessed with a wife that sees the need to be armed and she will go and practice. Also she never gripes when I feel the need to add another firearm to my collection.
I don't worry about my wife shooting me so much.She's not a very good shot anyway.What worries me is that we have alot of knives in the house,and nearly all of them sharp.And she told me she likes to watch me sleep.
But she's good about me adding to my collection,as long as we can afford it.We have an arrangement.If I get a new 'toy',she gets a new outfit.It works for us and we both think it's fair.

Luckily, my wife must come from the same stock as HK's. She's taking her concealed carry class in 2 weeks and has no qualms about coming to the range with me. She's purty good with her S&W Model 67 in .38 Special (she can out-shoot me with it) and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to have her at my back if the **** hits. She also doesn't care if I purchase new firearms...as long as I buy cool ones. :D
Good thing that lady couldn't shoot! I'd sometimes like to get rid of my TV that way though . . .
Seriously, invite some competition, take the ladies to the range!

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