NoVA Combined Virginia CHP and Utah CFP Multi-State CCW Course


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Legally Carry Concealed in 30+ States, including the state of Virginia!

Combined Virginia CHP and Utah CFP Multi-State CCW Course
Monday, January 25, 2010 | 6:00 - 10:00pm | Ashburn, VA

While this is a combined course for two CCWs, the Utah CFP/CCW alone is the national "Gold Standard" of the CCW industry!

Did you know that having both a Virginia CHP and a Utah CFP is the best combination of CCWs? Combined, these two permits together give you maximum coverage of the United States by offering the greatest number of states (30+) that honor these two permits through reciprocity and recognition. The Utah permit alone is considered the national 'Gold Standard' in CCWs as it offers the most coverage area.

You do not need to be a Virginia resident or a resident of Utah to apply for either or both CCW permits. This one 4-hour course meets the training requirements to make application for both a Virginia and Utah CCW.

Below is some more detailed information about this exciting course:

* The entire Virginia CHP and Utah CFP CCW course is all classroom based and is only four (4) hours in length.
* There is no live fire or range time required as part of this course. You do not need to own a handgun to participate in this course.
* The course includes over two (2) hours of general basic pistol/firearms training that includes safety, cleaning, use, storage and the fundamentals of proper handgun shooting.
* The remaining two (2) hours of the course is dedicated to concealed carry law and various other administrative procedures that govern the Utah CFP/CCW.
* Course tuition includes fingerprinting and notary services required by Utah and the FBI. We will also verify completion your Utah CFP application for submission. In addition, you will receive the required paperwork, training documentation and information to also apply for a Virginia resident or non-resident CHP.

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Hope you're planning on completing the UT CFP class before covering materials for the other states. UT BCI recently sent out a memo and has begun taking action against instructors who fail to complete the entire UT CFP class prior to covering materials for other states.

I think UT BCI also requires a minimum of 4 hours for their your class would need to be longer than 4 to include 2 different states.

The above mentioned Memo
Good Morning, indeed this course is completely compliant with Utah BCI standards and the curriculum has been approved. This course meets the training requirements, in their entirety. As an NRA Training Counselor and an avid firearms instructor, both law enforcement and civilian, I pride myself on the curriculum and courses that are offered, as well as the credentials that each instructor holds.

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