Nice article about stopping a killer


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Hope you guys haven't already read this. Apparently a lot happened while I was on vacation. Good guy helps to stop the bad guy.

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First, read the article; second, read all the comments (7 at the moment). I see a sick society, after reading the comments, people that would rather be lined up and shot, than to fight back. I fear for my country, when I read such concepts. Most of these comments are ignorant, nit picking, and more afraid of a licensed carrier of a firearm that the perp that is intent on killing them.:confused:
I'd say the comments were more idiotic than simple ignorance. Those left wing yahoo's keep spouting the same old Crap that has been disproved over and over and over again. and over and over and over again. and..... well you get the picture.

You can't have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

post a comment yourself! Don't abandon the micropohone to the anti's. If you give up, the fight to keep the rights we still have gets harder, not easier.

It's California, not Tennessee, Texas or Idaho, so of course there are more anti's commenting. Get in there and make YOUR opinion known with reasoned, factual points. Many are ignorant, not all are stupid though.

I wish the paper would let us post that cartoon but am sure that would be a copyright violation or something.

Endeavor to persevere!

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