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Hello everyone I am not new to guns in general, just new to the forums. I recently bought a 3rd Gen Glock 22c but I do believe it will be a little to large for someone my size to carry. I am 5' 11" 154lbs. Anyone have any luck carry this size a gun around the ankle? If it is just to big, I may have to trade off for a G 27.

I've tried ankle carry for my G30 and found it was way to big and heavy for that. The G27 is a little smaller but still too big for ankle carry. Ankle carry is great for a small BUG but anything I'd carry as a primary weapon is too big. That said, I tried ankle carry with the wifes G19 and while it wasn't comfortable, I could probably get used to it if I had to. It wouldn't be my first choice for carry method thought. I also carried a KelTec 380 for a day on my ankle and hardly knew it was there, but I wouldn't carry that gun as a primary weapon.
Hello, and Welcome to USA Carry................. I carry a G19 every day in an IWB holster, My son is a LEO and he quit carring his G27 back up gun because of the weight, and he carried in an ankle holster............ I own a G22 and its is too big and too heavy for an ankle rig............. Good Luck ...........
I am surprised to hear about a weight issue with the G27 in an ankle holster. I have also carried my G27 as a bug when I was on duty. I got used to it really quickly and have had no problems. I can even run with it on. Oh well, everybody is different. Anyway, welcome to USAcarry! Glad to have you. You will learn a lot here as there are plenty of knowledgeable folks here. You may want to take a look at the Glock 23 if you like the .40 S&W cartridge. I carry a G-23 via IWB holster. A little easier to conceal than a service size pistol such as the Glock 22c. The G-22c is what my lieutenant carried as his service weapon.
The G23 is the compact right? And the G27 is the subcompact? Is there that much difference from the Standard to the compact?

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