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I got home after a long (but good) day at work and then an afternoon of target frame construction to find my Crossbreed SnapSlide holster arrived - early! (Already a plus in my book!)

I ordered from this site's sponsor online, and as their site indicates, I was anticipating at least a two week wait. It was a few days under two weeks, so I'm loving that. The good kind of surprise.

The rig itself - custom made for my Sig GSR 1911 with rails, as apparently no one else on the planet makes rigs for this gun anymore, is wonderfully simple by design. Molded kydex affixed to a nice, thick hunk of leather hide, with nicely cut and finished edges and belt loop openings. I ordered the Field Grade, so it's black kydex on black leather - but not shiny, so I'm loving the looks of it already.

I quickly went to remove my P229 and pancake holster and try on the SnapSlide. I placed it at 4 o'clock and slide my GSR nicely into its new carry home, and had an Ace Ventura moment.... "like a glove!" :biggrin:

With only a T-shirt (not under armor, just a regular cotton t-shirt) my GSR at 4 o'clock is not only well concealed - unless I bend and/or twist just right and make the grip "print" through my shirt - but it's insanely comfortable. I haven't taken it off since I got home! I'm immediately a huge fan of Mark's work at Crossbreed Holsters. For the money - which is less than some "factory" holsters you can pick up anywhere - and for the turnaround time from order to delivery - and because of who Crossbreed's is, and sponsors of this site - I would not hesitate to recommend them and their product(s) to anyone - especially Saturday's CCW class...

Pics to follow. Thanks Mark - this rig rocks!

Pics of new OWB Crossbreed SnapSlide

It's finally thinking about getting cold here, so I get the added advantage of layering.

I am really enjoying the comfort of this new holster, and the quality/craftsmanship is outstanding.
I am glad to hear good things about Crossbreed. I just ordered my Snapslide yesterday and am anxiously waiting for it. I was hoping it would conceal well.
I'm just wondering if you are still enjoying the crossbreed snapslide holster and if you have any updates now that you have had it for awhile? I'm thinking about purchasing one of these.

Thank you,
I've had the black SnapSlide for my full size Sig GSR 1911 for about a year now and love it. This time of year, with outter shirts & light jackets makes the SnapSlide a great option for CC with a full size gun. Outstanding construction/design and durability.

Only because the barrel of the full size gun is relatively long (compared to other CC guns), and because the SnapSlide is OWB at belt level, the muzzle hangs a little lower on my hip than I'd like for CC daily any other time of year (harder to keep concealed), but Fall and Winter... it's great. Of course the postive trade-off is a smoother, faster draw - so it's all relative.

Crossbreed's SnapSlide is a great holster IMHO.
Crossbreed Holster

I have had a crossbreed holster for almost a year and I no longer look for other holsters or even want to It is the most comfortable I have had and it fits very well I would buy another one but I have to buy another pistol first!:biggrin:
I use a Supertuck for a few of my guns. I bought the snapslide for my full size Para 1911 and I wasnt really impressed. Aftera while the gun started to sag. Maybe my gun is too heavy? It's a big gun and holds 14 rounds of 45 acp. I have also found that Im really not loving having that much muzzle exposed. Construction seemed nice enough...just didnt work for the long haul. Im glad you guys are having better luck.
Amen Brother... I have a SuperTuck for my M&P45 full frame and love it. I'm shopping for a smaller summer carry weapon (possibly Walther PPK, or M&P40 compact) and will most certainly order another CrossBreed for it. They shipped fast.
Great product.
I also have the snapslide for my XDM-40, I ordered mine with the leather covering the kydex. The holster holds the gun close to my body overall its decent, although I have a problem with the leather that covers the kydex lifting up at the corners this started to happen about a month after getting it, so the construction hasn't held up. I'm told I can send it back for repairs.

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