Mini-14 bolt stuck!


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I pulled my Mini off the shelf to look at it the other day and found I couldn't pull back the charging handle. I even put the handle on the edge of a table and pushed down with the gun, but it didn't budge and I didn't want to push harder for fear of causing damage.

I'm guessing that it would have been a good idea to clean it after the last shoot a few months ago. I was shooting some old reloads that were probably dirty. I was thinking I'd just pour some #9 down the barrel and some more into the bottom of the receiver and let it sit for a while. The chamber is clear; don't ask me how I checked. Any other ideas? I don't want to break anything.

Are you sure you didn't leave an empty case in the chamber? Take the stock off and remove the trigger assembly. Soak it good in with your #9 then let it set for a while. If that doesn't work take a cleaning rod with no tip on it run it down the barrel and try to tap the bolt to the rear. If it moves then the charging handle should move it back.
Don't try pounding on a cleaning rod unles the charging handle moves enough to unlock the action. Don't ever do any pounding on an aluminum three piece rod or it could wedge in the barrel. Soak action with #9 or wd-40 or most anything like it and keep trying the charging handle. If you have not shot it for a long time don't get in a rush now and end up with damage.
This just happened to mine last week. I did not clean it last time I shot it,(a year ago) and to top it off, I used Wolf ammo..Anyway, here is how we did it. Unscrew the barrel clamp(like you want to remove the barrell) and wiggle the barrell while someone is wiggling the gun. It was basically rusted shut in the the front of the slide. I'm kind of new to guns, so I hope I explained it right. If that doesn't work, I will post pics of what was wrong with mine. I'll never not clean it again..Or use nasty Wolf ammo....
Unfortunately, I couldn't remove the trigger group. I pried the back of the trigger guard out, but the trigger guard won't lift up like it should (with the rifle upside-down) to release the assembly. Is it possible that you can't remove the trigger group with the safety off? I don't remember.

After putting some solvent down the barrel and inside the action and letting it sit overnight, the bolt is still stuck. The handle won't budge. I'll try it again with the lubricating oil.
Hey Frank. Check out the pics. The little metal piece under the barrell is what was basically rusted shut on mine. That is why the bolt would not open. WD40 and 2 guys to wiggle the hell out of it. Like i said try to remove the barrell too.

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I did some searching and found a guy with a similar problem on another website. I managed to cock the hammer with a screwdriver so that I could put the safety on and thus get the trigger assembly out. After pulling off the stock, I realized that mine was stuck like moaugausta mentioned. The barrel clamp was basically rusted to the slide. I soaked it in CLP and got it to wiggle, but it hasn't broken free yet. I might pull out the rubber mallet tomorrow.
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I finally found the manual and figured out how to remove the slide from the rifle. Turns out that the rod which sticks out of the barrel clamp is rusted into the slide. This rod is held into the bottom half of the barrel clamp by its own little pin, which also holds the clamp in place by sticking into a hole on the underside of the barrel. So I have the slide in my hands with this ~3/8" diameter rod stuck in the front and no idea how to remove it without damaging anything. I think it is basically rusted in place; although the bluing on all parts appears to be in good shape, there was some brown residue inside the barrel clamp. I think I will be looking for a gunsmith.
Since you have it out soak it in some penetrating oil for a day or two and see if it will loosen up.
I have the slide sitting in a jar of Break-Free CLP right now, where it has been for over 24 hours. I'll try messing with it tomorrow. Thanks for the help so far, gentlemen.
Finally got the part broken loose last night with some help from a friend. I cleaned the hell out of it with a wire brush and oiled it up, then reassembled. Everything looks good, now I just have to get back out to the range. Thanks for the help, guys.

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