Micro Desert Eagle .380


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I had one in my hand the other day and it felt really good for such a tiny gun. Much better fit than any other 380 I've tried. Does anyone know of any issues with this gun? Any recalls, complaints, etc.? This could be the next addition to the family.

between 5000 and 10000 rounds there have been some reports of small part failure. trigger bar return spring - #11 below - user replacement.
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its a licenced clone of ZVI Kevin, introduced in 2007 for czech military & police. great little gun. in terms of pocket pistol's, i wouldn't trade mine for anything else* out there. 100% reliable.
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it's in this ho-made holster, in my pocket, all day, everyday.
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nope, not even a Seecamp or Rohrbaugh
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just got one,went to range to break it in.i put 100 rounds through it yesterday had lots of feeding problems.i was using american eagle ammo,so i called magnum research and they told me to try different ammo.so i got remington fmj and what a differance.ran 100 rounds through it today,no malfunctions at all.perrty accurate for a small gun.it does have a bite to it.100 rounds is about all my hand can take,all in all perrty good for a pocket gun.
I have one and have had NO ISSUES at all. I'm surprised by the American Eagle problem noted above as mine feeds everything, even Privi and Fiocci. I like it more than the LCP and Walther PPK (now out of my stable) but I like my Kahr P380 more than my MDE.

I did have some trouble with re-assembly until I washed all the lubricants off my hands. It's tricky the first few times, but not I could do it blindfolded.

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