Lead Ammunition in Jeopardy in Washington State!

Lead Ammunition in Jeopardy in Washington State!


Lead Ammunition in Jeopardy in Washington State!
Please Stand-Up and Make Your Voice Heard!

The lead ammunition you use for hunting as well as target and competitive shooting will be banned from purchase, use and ownership in the state of Washington if the state's Department of Ecology has its way. Lead ammunition is a target of a series of recommendations in the "Lead Chemical Action Plan" prepared by the Department of Ecology.

The plan is open for public comment until Monday, October 6. The plan and information about submitting comments are available at: Link Removed

Lead shot has been banned in waterfowl hunting. Most recently, California passed a law that prohibits hunters from using lead ammunition in areas within the range of the California condor. A symposium was held in June in Boise, Idaho about the effects of lead ammunition on wildlife and humans. Most of the speakers supported a ban on lead ammunition, regardless of the cost, performance, and availability of substitutes. The Department of Ecology plan is yet another effort to remove lead ammunition nationwide.

Please take the time to submit comments to the Department of Ecology and to Governor Chris Gregoire (D). Let the Governor know that there is no adequate substitute for lead ammunition and that any affects on humans and wildlife do not justify a ban as recommended by her Department of Ecology. Governor Gregoire can be reached by phone at (360) 902-4111, by fax at (360) 753-4110, or click here to send email. The Governor can also be reached by U.S. Mail at: Governor Chris Gregoire, Office of the Governor, P.O. Box 40002, Olympia, WA 98504-0002.

And it begins.

If I wanted to ban guns I'd ban the manufacture and sale of ammunition. You'd never be able to get rid of the 250+ million guns in the hands of 80+ million gun owners. But if you prevent people from getting ammunition then all those guns become just so many paperweights.

And it begins.
And it begins.

If I wanted to ban guns I'd ban the manufacture and sale of ammunition. You'd never be able to get rid of the 250+ million guns in the hands of 80+ million gun owners. But if you prevent people from getting ammunition then all those guns become just so many paperweights.

And it begins.

If this ever happens, I would just start handloading. I've never handloaded before, but if ammo gets banned, I would learn.
I sent my email though I doubt it will do any good. the only thing I can see stipping this is if we let out state senators know how we feel even so I am glad Cabellas is just across the border in Idaho.
I wrote to this gal and got this response (for what it's worth):

from Davies, Holly (ECY) <[email protected]>

dateWed, Sep 17, 2008 at 1:29 PM
subjectRE: Lead Bullet Issue

I am the person you would send comments to. However, there is no proposed ban on lead ammunition in the Draft Lead CAP. We would like to work with hunters and shooters to promote non-toxic alternatives to lead without negatively affecting hunting or shooting areas.

Please take a look at the fact sheet we prepared about lead ammunition and the Draft Lead CAP. I’ve attached the fact sheet to this email or you can access it at:

Link Removed


Holly Davies, PhD
Chemical Action Plan Developer
SWFAP/ Industrial
WA Department of Ecology
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Phone: 360.407.7398
Fax: 360.407.6102

Hey DW or any other Patron,
Assuming this passes and lead is out for WA state, what other substances would be a way to go, that ain't $5 a round? Solid copper, iron, composite?
I'm not a reloader just a guy who gets ammo at stores/ranges.
I ask because I have never bought much but Federal for range and Cor©Bon for self-defense/carry. What is the next step in a round that does not contain lead? Color me dumb on this one but if the ammo becomes illegal, there has to be something commercial out there that is lead free and legal.
Any pointers or links would be helpful.

Banning lead bullets in WA

I have talked to someone who has used the proposed ammo by the government here. It is a composite of resin and bits of copper and steel shavings. It jams in weapons and the head of the bullet is sticky to the touch hence this is why they mis feed and jam and even get stuck in the barrel when you fire them not to mention they have very little effect on an attacker. But of course the cops will still be allowed to have lead bullets. WE are being disarmed all in the name of their paranoia and their will to control us as human beings. They do not want anyone to rise up and speak their mind or protect themselves. They want us to be dependent on their quasi police dept. and government. You cant pick and choose when it comes to the bill of rights that is prejudicial and should be illegal. It is inclusive. If we were limiting another right they would be up in arms.
Fishing lead is also on the DOE hit list.

I appreciate the feedback, from an ex-M.P. I'd take that as a definite con. Going to get their DVD just to see what their sales pitch is.
I wonder if our patrons have examined the DOE changes and how in CA (and maybe soon WA) it isn't only lead bullets that are scheduled to be nixed, but for folks who fish with lead weights, they are going to have to find a better non-lead sinker, or not fish. Then to make it even more 'fun' with the DOE, the online headlines for my town today read that washing your car in your drive-way is going to be illegal if they have their way. The DOE law will allow a passing cop to cite you & U will get fined if caught. Right now in the city of Spokane there is a regulation that only storm water should flow into the storm drains, but the regulation is not backed up by any law enforcement, yet. The city is working to figure out just how they're going to enforce the new regulations. With drive-thru auto-washers as the only other alternative I can see waiting in a 2-hour line to go thru the maybe 20 we have in-town and all those cars running pumping more exhaust @ $4 a gallon for gas into the air for a $10-15 clean-up. The target is soap and chemicals that flow down those drains when you give your car a wash 'n wax. These DOE laws are turning normal ways of life, sport and other givens into potential fines with possible criminal repercussions.
Link Removed
I'd love a cleaner world, but if we in the USA get anal and the rest of the 3rd-world nations which make up most of the world's population have no rules and big industry pollutes more in a day outside US control than the entire USA probably does in a year I think our efforts may just be a drop of water in the gushing geyser that is unchecked global pollution. :alcoholic:
That's a rap,

I wrote Holly Davies back and ask what they were thinking of substituting but I never got an answer back. I'm stocking up on lead anyway. Even if they pass the law it will be hell to enforce.
I received this today:

This e-mail is to alert you to a correction in Ecology’s draft Lead Chemical Action Plan (CAP).

On page 233, Recommendation 9, stated:
“In areas where WDFW has required non-toxic shot, other non-regulated activities such as target shooting and shooting ranges should be prohibited from using lead shot.”

This language has been deleted.

This language was inadvertently left in the draft CAP from a previous draft and is not our recommendation. As we have stated, Ecology does not recommend a ban or regulation of lead in any type of ammunition beyond current law. Our recommendation is to work with WDFW, hunters and shooters in development of voluntary approaches to reducing harm caused by the use of lead shot. The inclusion of the language above was an oversight, and has been removed from the draft CAP, which is currently out for public comment.

Kathy Vermillion
Dept of Ecology
360 407-6916
[email protected]
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Johnsteele got it right. It is just another chain in making guns inoperable. Why should they care what is shot at a range anyway? If some kid is down range eating lead shot then there is a bigger problem than banning lead. Stock up now it will soon be gone. Course we can buy from other countries and that is always an option.
The friend of mine who has shot this stuff says it is made up of particulates of copper, brass and steel held together by a resin. Stuff is garbage. I have 2000 rounds of 40 cal should do the same with 45 cal before they make it legal.
Am I misunderstanding the e-mail? It sounds like they are only banning lead shot, which has been banned for hunting puposes in Washington for a while now.

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