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I ordered a new Kahr PM9 today; all black with night sights. Does anybody know which tritium night sights Kahr installs at the factory? The Kahr Arms On line Shop has Novak, Meprolight, Trijicon, and XS Sight System. I assume one of those is what the factory puts on, just don't know which.
Any ideas? Thanks,

I don't know which sights they install at the factory, but if I were betting, I'd bet Trijicon.

I've been considering getting a PM9, so I'm curious to hear more about your new baby when you get it, and get some feedback about how you like it, how it performs, feels etc.

Congrats, and I'm looking forward to your review.
Sig Guy turned to Kahr

I may be too new to Kahrs to be of service but, I've been shooting a Kahr MK9 (currently 500 rds) for a while now and was so impressed with everything about it (except the weight) that I decided to go for a PM9 (which I was looking for, unsuccessfully when I found the MK9). I bought the PM9 yesterday and took it to the range today and put 150 rounds through it. As with the MK9, early on in the break in rounds (which is 200 rds) I had two FTFs ealy on but no MFs since. My only problem with the PM9 is that the mag release button sometimes feel loose. I'm hoping that this is only part of the break in excercise. It feels and works good as I'm typing this. If this is the case I am thrilled with the weight of the PM compared to the MK. I am not LEO or a vet so I could probably use some formal training but at SD range (roughly 21 feet) I regularly rip holes in center of mass on my silouettes with both guns. I just got my CCW, and my other guns, all Sigs (P225, P226 and P239) are just too big for descrete carry. If these Kahrs continue to perform as they have to date, I have to say....WOOHOO. Great stuff!! If they start to faulter I'll post here again with an update.
I've had a PM-9 for about three years now. In the beginning it had its normal break in problems, and at that time Kahr provided a heavier spring which I assume is now standard which elimated a failure to acheive full battery on the return of the slide.

Since then it has perfomed flawlessly and IMHO is a good accurate gun fairly easy to acquire target and hit well.

Mine does not have night sites which will likely be a nice addition.

Enjoy it, it makes a nice carry piece.
My Kahr PM9 came from the factory with tritium sights. The side of the site says "Tru Dot" which is the Meprolight brand of night site. They are fine sights.

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