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Anyone have any experience with the Kahr CW9? I have a chance to procure one NIB, but I don't have any experience with the Kahr line. I've read several posts on other forums that seem to be pretty positive, but thought I'd get some more input before I "pull the trigger", so to speak. Thanks.

I have one and carry it when wearing dress clothes because it is so thin. I have very little negative to say about it. It shoots very well, has a VERY nice double action trigger pull. It is difficult to load the magazine and the rounds seem to just kind of pop out if you shake it around. Everything says to make it reliable you have to fire about 200 rounds. I haven't had one failure to feed. I bought 3 different kinds of inexpensive ammo to test it with. No problems with any. My wife, at the time, had only shot a semi auto once before and she had no problems with it either. It is kind of difficult to rack the slide and get it to load one in the chamber. It wants to jam on the feed ramp. If you just pull it back and let go it will feed. If you try to ride the slide back down, it will jam. It always works if you lock the slide open. Overall, very positive attitude toward my Kahr. It's a very nice pistol for the price. Hope this helps.
I have the PM9 and the E9 and love them both. Extreamly well made and just as accurate. Both have a great trigger pull. I love everything about Kahr's but their prices!:D
Thanks for the info. I'm really leaning towards getting it. I don't necessarily have to have another carry gun, but my RAMI is a tad thick for some clothes that I wear, so it would be nice to have a slightly thinner (and lighter, I think) gun.
K40 is my choice and I have absolutley no qualms about it. Fires everytime, smooth trigger and easy to cc. (I'd love to get the CZ RAmi for fun but can't justify it yet:)
Overall, Kahrs are excellent carry guns. The downfall to that is that they're fairly low capacity b/c of the single-stack magazine. Never shot one, but my buddy carries a Kahr 40, and he loves it. Comfortable gun to hold. I'd say go to your local range and try one out for yourself.
I just bought a CM9. It has a similar heritage to the CW9. The CM9 is basically the same gun as a PM9. The differences are it has conventional button rifling instead of polygonal, it has a MIM (metal injection molded)slide stop instead of a machined one, it has a pinned in polymer front sight instead of a dovetailed metal one, it has less conturing of the outside of the slide, it comes with one magazine instead of two and the name is stamped into the frame instead of rollmarked. The interesting thing is none of these things change the accuracy or functioning of the pistol. They simply make it a little over $200 less expensive. In fact both pisols are listed as having the same weight. This little pistol is even more concealable than the CW9. I expect there will eventually be a CM40 but that's just my guess.
I had the CW45 and have nothing negative to say about it. It was super thin like the CW9 and easy to conceal. The only negative thing I had heard was the fact it only holds 6 rounds...my answer to that is you most likely will never need 6 rounds.

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