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I just wanted everyone to know we lost one of our number recently! Captain Crunch passed away on the 16th of August. He was an awesome man, as those of you can attest who knew him personally! I had the pleasure of hanging out with him on several occasions and can tell you from first-hand experience that he was true in his devotion and dedication to the cause that we all are striving for.
He was an excellent patriot, friend and most of all, an excellent family man. He is loved by many and will be missed dearly. Please keep his wife and family in your prayers and in dedication to him, don't falter or waiver in your quest to see our quest through to the end. He would appreciate that!!

Thanks Terry, we'll miss you!! I love you lots, friend. I will personally miss you and will see to it I find you when the time comes!!

Sad... hate to lose another patriot. RIP Terry.. aka "Captain Crunch". We'll keep up the good fight!
Sorry to here of his passing. I pray his wife and family can know the "peace that passes all understanding" that comes from God.

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