IWB holster or not??


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I'm not going to argue for something I think is good, I th I,k if you can't conceal, open carry, if you like to open carry, than open carry. And I do have links, I just have a day job so I'll use my time more wisely and go reload some rounds or spend time with my family, rather than sit on a forum and ***** and moan to people. Peace out cub scouts.

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Nobody said someone that open carries will never get robbed.
What we like to point out is many more people that are carrying concealed guns get robbed & never get a chance to get to their guns then open carriers even get involved in any kind of robbery.
It seems that not only are the open carriers safer but the places they are at don't get robbed either.
Please find a single case where an open carrier was "targeted & shot first" in a robbery.

Yes, we have seen a couple that have been debunked as never happened or were a set up.
Show where a store or gas station was robbed after the open carrier was shot.

BTW... Carry however you want. I don't care.
If you are ashamed, embarrassed, or intimidated by anti's, just hide your gun.
We're happy if you just carry & don't try to spread the same old tired stories about getting shot first & blood running in the streets, etc,.....


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What worse you can do - be not trained and not carry at all. I think we can agree on that.

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