It's the economy stupid


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As we see another bank bail out and the stock market go south the following two stories would be good to consider. You will not see this on the maJor networks.

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Another indicator of the lack of confidence in the dollar is the fact that GOLD is at an ALL TIME HIGH!!

Traditionally whenever we get panicky over stocks or the dollar goes in the toilet inflation right around the corner etc. This is what happens we like GOLD is is solid has weight and never goes out of style.

Some oldtimers out there might be able to tell us if this is at all similar to what happened around 1929? Not trying to sound like an alarmist but things are not as good as some claim them to be now.
I sure wish somebody would tell the truth. The 100% problem with the economey is OIL prices. It affects everything. If congress would even suggest that we will drill for more oil in off limit places the price would go down instantly. If IRAQ would even suggest they would start to pay back the USA for the help we gave and they would pay back in OIL the prices would go down. The economy would improve very shortly thereafter.

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