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I am sitting here reading posts in my new 2nd Amendment home away from home. CNN is on the TV in the background which I can barely hear because the 2year old and the 4 year old are fighting over a superman pillow. I grab the remote and without looking up from my laptop, pause the TV so I can yell across the house for the children to go to neutral corners. I continue to read and realize that it's quieter than it was before. Looking up at the paused television screen and notice the headline written in caps across the entire screen.

"KNIFE CRIME IN LONDON...Overtakes terrorism as police priority."

I backed up the DVR a few clicks to listen to the entire report. Evidently the people of London are beginning to carry and use knives as a means of committing crimes and to protect themselves from those that may use a knife against them.

Good thing they went crazy with gun control. The problem could be so much worse. (He said with a sarcastic grin).

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All they need to do is outlaw all knives. No one should be able to purchase a knife unless he is a chef.
CHEF on CHEF Violence on the rise.

All they need to do is outlaw all knives. No one should be able to purchase a knife unless he is a chef.

LOFL! I can see the headlines now.........CHEF on CHEF VIOLENCE ON THE RISE IN LONDON RESTAURANT DISTRICTS. In a Brittish National press conference earlier today, officials from the London Gun & Knife Task Force, have reported that there has been an unexplained and marked rise in the number of Chef on Chef attacks being committed in restaurant districts across the nation.

A reliable source from within the taskforce was quoted in saying, "We have already began to author new legislation that will completely ban not only ALL knives, but also will make it a High Crime to purchase, cook, serve or consume any food item that requires the use of a knife in the preparation or consumption of that item.
It's easy, just allow each town/city one knife for everyone to share. The knife will be protected by authorities. It's worked well in the past:


Right hand column 4th paragraph down.

...each village would have a community knife which would be kept in an open square attached to a heave anchored chain and which would be guarded by two Japanese soldiers...

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
--George Santayana
I've said all along. knives are evil. they just get up and jump in the closest hand and start stabbing people. I will never own a knife, people can't think straight when they have a knife.
Can you imagine the probable carnage if people carry knives in to a bar and consume alcohol? We'd better outlaw sticks too before they catch on!
or . . . .

All they need to do is outlaw all knives. No one should be able to purchase a knife unless he is a chef.

Why don't we take care of it all in one swoop and outlaw hands (and for those more talented toes). Then only those with a long tongue can commit crime.

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