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I'm putting together a list of the topics that I think would be beneficial to the readers. I want to get feedback on which topics people are wanting more information on, and how in depth they would like the information to go. So...the list:

Top 3 causes of death in a gun shot wound emergency:
- Hemorrhage/shock/cardiac arrest
- Tension Pneumothorax (air)/Hemothorax (blood)
- Airway Obstruction

Other topics of interest:
Trauma Systems and Mechanism of injuries

Penetrating Trauma
- Head and neck
- Eye
- Torso
- Abdomen
- Extemeties

Soft Tissue Trauma
- Lacerations
- Amputations/Partial Amputations/Avulsions


Advanced Airways (OPA, NPA, Intubation, Cricothyrotomy)

CPR and Defibrillation

Musculoskeletal Trauma
- Fractures
- Closed
- Compound
-Spinal Injuries
- Amputations/Partial Amputations

- First Aid
- Trauma

So, certain topics can go way beyond a normal person skill set (ie: cricothyrotomy, intubations, IV)...but if anyone is interested in the information I will still find time to respond. Otherwise, I think the top 3 are going to be first, then as time allows I'll start getting into each of the other topics. I will focus on how each of these topics are related to self defense (gun shot wound, knife wound, blunt), but if anyone wants more information on how this pertains to other emergencies (ie: car crashes), let me know. For now, let's see who want's to know what, and I will start compiling information, pictures, and sources.


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Chen, I'd say starting with the first three is as good a place to start as any. I'd like for you to be clear about what first-aid equipment will be required to properly treat the injury, so we can best prepare our kits. As you go through it, we can suggest (or you...) areas of the injury and then the treatment can go from there. Also, I would assume you would back this up but... I think it's a good idea for people to go to their local FD or PD to find out what sort of first-aid classes they offer.

How's this sound to you? Others?


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Chen (or other EMTs, etc), would you require us regular folk to present a scenario for treatment discussion?

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