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Ok here it is nothing big, I sometimes take cars places for my step-father who owns a used car lot. I was doint just this thing one day last week the dealed plate fell down out of the back window and the officer could not see the plate.

So he pulls me over gets just about to the driver door and he can see the plate and he stated that was the reason he pulled me over and that he just wanted to check my licences while he had me pulled over, I happened to be carrying that day, so with my hands on the wheel I stated that I didnt want to reach for my licences because I was carrying and was licened to carry a gun. He asks me to get out of the car and asks where the gun is he takes the gun I give him both licences, and then I start to hear people honking becasue he took my gun???? :mad:

Anyway he went to the car to check everything out, it all checks out he returns my gun and licens and thanks me for informing him about the gun, and lets me go with a warning for the plate deal.... :)

Sounds like your step father needs to invest a few dollars for some blue tape to secure the license plate in the back window, or a step better would be to invest in $.50 at the local auto parts store for a set of license plate fasteners. ;)

The whole ordeal could have been prevented..... Thanks for sharing, it's a lesson for all of us.

I see your point operator. Sounds like a pretty good LEO encounter but, the anti's were happy becasue you looked like a BG and the GG's were thinking you're a criminal.

That sucks and is good at the same time. Only now you're outed to those that saw,

Sorry brother.

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