I was told I am "Illeagaly carying my gun:!!

On June 14, 2012 the MS Attorney Generals office declared that the weapon must be totally concealed. Opinion No. 2012-00248

I still support open carry, but the current legalese is too vague for me to carry any other way than totally concealed.
House Bill 2 was signed by the Governor on March 4, 2013 and will go into law July 1st, 2013. Among other changes, this removes the "concealed in part" of the concealed carry law effectively establishing Mississippi as an open carry state.
from what ive read the state has been open carry the whole time but the conceal bit is what made it confusing to most. I think that's why the state trooper was unsure of it. i was reading the the tupelo newspaper the other day and that's how i learned the about the state being open carry. i have yet to learn more on the enhanced part as i want my gf to get it. i believe it entails a class which the regular license does not.
I was in Biker Garb and not my EMT uniform
you mean they were profiling? Say it aint so!

What ever happened to "intent"? You are on a motorcycle, face to the wind, wearing protective leather. Clothes get ruffled. You dismount and straighten up your garb. Cop saw a flash of your Colt on a big ole bad ass scary looking biker.
Were you intentionally brandishing a weapon? Were you threatening anyone? Why was he even looking at you? Was there a recent incident involving a guy in scary looking biker clothes? If not----- PROFILING!

As a former LE myself, I know that profiling is just good police work. But as I have said before, If you are legally carrying a gun, you are not doing anything wrong. If you are not doing anything wrong, the (State/government/police) have no legal right or authority to detain you. In this case he illegally profiled you so everything after that point is fruit of the poisonous tree. But that is in court. This guy was out to hassle a biker. If he was gonna do it right, he would just follow you and wait for you to touch a line or not use a signal or something and then pull you over. Instead, he called for backup because a big ole scary looking biker was observed with a gun. Take him out for a ride and introduce him to the world of riding, he needs it.

it is a good thing your bike didn't have a NY plate on it.
Lol... "biker garb"

I didn't know there was a uniform

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