I got TASED today...


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I did a refresher today and always underestimate how bad it is. I've had broken knees, arms, ankles and even a broken neck once and the TASER hurts worse. The BIG difference is that the TASER is only 5 seconds. I also did a pepper spray refresher, so had the pleasure of taking a face full of that an hour before getting TASED.

Interesting day....

Given a choice, I'd take the Taser over the pepper spray. Taser wears off in a few minutes, the pepper spray can last for hours.

I totally agree. The TASER wears off almost immediately. I'm still feeling effects of the pepper spray almost 3 hours later.
I made the mistake one time of telling an instructor that I would take a ride if he would. I didnt know at the time that he was an instructor. I found out the hard way.

I would also take a ride before I got sprayed AGAIN!!

But I would rather run than take either :no:

The shock shield is pretty cool too, especially in the dark.
You guys get paid to have all that fun, or is it strictly on a volunteer basis?
I had to pay for the ride. It was a re-cert. They don't require that you take the ride, but the paperwork reflects that. If it ever came down to a legal battle over using the TASER, it looks better if you know what it's capable of first hand.
I get zapped every two years as part of my military training. We train with both Taser and pepper spray. I make it a point to get the training NCO to schedule the training sessions on different days. :wink: I got zapped 11 times so far. Of those 4 were during training. Damn I hate those FNG types! :mad:

Since it's part of my military duty, I guess you could say that they pay me to work. :biggrin:

Taser hurt way wost but I'd do it again, the 5 seconds is better then the spray. My eyes looked blood shot for almost a full day.

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