How should i conceal carry these guns

OK OK, I was just ribbing. I always carry on my strong side hip, IWB. OWB just doesn't conceal well enough in plain clothes/under a shirt. I have to cant my 1911 forward a bit so the grip is inline with my body.
Well if you are talking about all three at once you could go one strong side, one cross draw and one SOB. Better wear a good belt though or your pants might go south on you.:biggrin: Or how about a DBL shoulder rig with the revolver in an inside the pocket holster?
i dont plan on carring them all at once just about one and another as a back up gun.
Im thinking of carrying the sig p229 and the cz 75b as primary's, and the glock 27 and s&w 637 as bugs but i dont know much about concealed carry holsters. i leave in arizona so when its hot out i dont want to wear a jacket but i dont mind wearing a large shirt over them.

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