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First time posting after long time lurking!I feel very hopeless and frustrated here in northern New York. I have a " restricted" permit, I feel it is discriminatory, unequal treatment under the law that I cannot defend myself, my property, my family with a handgun, but other citizens only a few miles from here in other counties can! I have held a permit here with out incident for over 20 years, I am a tax paying, law-abiding professional, with Army, AirForce and even County Sherrif expericence in Ct! I wrote the most courteous letter to my"Issuing authority" (Long time local Democratic judge...same one in fact that gave me my permit 20 years ago) He did not even bother to respond! I have been advised that I should not even attempt to do that and also to avoid signing on to a possible class action lawsuit that may get started up here...because the Judge has absolute ability to simply pull my permit, even just for pissing him off.( and there is some indication he would be willing to do so) I'm not looking for a answer here, just venting, I guess. I do not see any real relief from this situation in the near term and its really sad that a judge has so much power to cause fear for law-abiding citizens of NY.

Welcome from Texas. It is sad that the bureaucrats and the "un"-justices have so much negative control of our lives.
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nys blows. I was born/raised in NY, and for some reason still finds myself as a resident of this god foresaken place. I will move away from here sometime, but I did wait until I was in a friendlier county (Cortland) before applying for my pistol license.

Mi neighboring county, where I often work and play is Tompkins County. There is no one I know of with a carry license (no restrictions) that has had a permit issued within the last ~20 years. These people range from farm boys, lawyers, and business owners. However, living just 5 miles away from some of tose individuals, I received a license with no restrictions.

The nys pistol licensing system is at the mercy of judicial discretion and I believe you have probably done all you can (by writing a letter) without stirring the pot.

Your only options that I can see are to move to a friendlier county or out of state, or really push at election time to get a new judge.

Out of state is the best option to me. You will almost certainly be in a place where personal freedoms actually exist, be taxed less, and have the option to live life as you choose.

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We got our first NY permit from NYC and naturally, were unable to carry. We then moved upstate and my wife & I both applied for licenses here.

Having the mentality driven into us from the NYC bureaucrats, we applied for a premises permit, thinking we'd be unable to obtain full carry. The deputy fingerprinting us noticed we were applying for residential and told us to apply for full carry. His remark was, "it's better to have a full carry permit because you just never know." The pistol clerk (whom we've become quite friendly with over the years) told us to just cross-out "premises" and mark "carry." End of story.

I mentioned this to show how arbitrary the permit system in NYS is from one county to another. Things really need to change here and all pistol licensing laws should be standardized - but that won't happen until NY becomes a "shall issue" state, and I don't think I'll live that long!:bad:

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