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honor the fallen

Sweet! Quite a different scenario from when DH returned the final time from Viet Nam and he and his crew asked to be escorted out of the airport via a side door. Not that the public would have harmed them, they were all wearing green berets for goodness sake, but that they were angered BY the public to the point of harming the civilians. Ever been spit on while in uniform? He has. Sux! I'm so very glad the sentiment has changed 180 degrees!

when my dad came home from the nam in'67 they deplaned in frisco and the police, m.p.'s and civilan didn't stop the war protesters from spitting on him and others. but put him in the brig after he kicked the stuffing out of several of them! and to add insult to injury dad died 5yrs. before the govt. admitted agent orange could kill the vet's. a verry close friend of mine sgt. darrell(dally)bellew, a green beret who served two tours in nam fought from 1970-1995 for the v.a. to treet him for his agent orenge exposeure. the finaly gave him his 100% service connected in '95 and we barried him in 2000! so if you meet a vet. or some one in uniform do not let them go on there way without shaking there hand and saying thank you for your service and sacrifice! NEVER AGAIN!:mad:

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