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Well I decided to order some Kydex and see what I could turn out. Here is my first born, a IWB for my Kel-Tec PF9. I bought some rivets and they were too short so I have a machine screw and nut in it for now. Once I get the correct rivets I will put an adjustment screw near the trigger area. The hardest part was getting the belt loop bent correctly. It's still not to my satisfaction.


Notice the temporary machine screw. Man that thing will dig in! :)


I still have to work on my belt loops.


Nice and thin!

I think my next project will be a IWB tuckable for my PF9.

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Looks good. How long did it take you to do that. I would love to try it but I have just never convinced myself I could do it. Now if i could figure out how to make one out of wood I could probably make a pretty nice one. :)
I dunno . . . I'm a leather guy. Used to make stuff out of leather (made a leather top hat for an artist friend of mine 30 years ago. He still has it!) and I toyed with the idea of making holsters, but I never felt I could do as good as what was available already. Made a couple of simple ones I still use, and a sheath for my Gerber Mk I that I damn near wore out I wore it so much, but that's it. I do like the feel of leather, though. Kydex just doesn't seem to have that sense of Tradition.

My $.02.

(Nice job, though! I couldn't have done it!)
It only took me a couple hours to make it. I took a piece of paper and used it to make a template around my weapon, then traced it onto the Kydex making sure that I had it oriented correctly and not making a left hand model. I cut it out with a small band saw then sanded the edges. That was the hardest part. Then all I did was heat the center and started wrapping it around my weapon and molding the way I wanted. I'm going to redo the clip part I think I have a better idea. The best thing is if you don't like something all you have to do is reheat it and change it. I made this one for summer use. The high back will keep the weapon off my body. I was gone all day and didn't get a chance to work on it but tomorrow I'll get my rivets and try to finish it.
Well I've finally tried to make some more items.

The first one is my first holster finished. Got my rivets in and put an adjustment screw by the trigger. Works great for a IWB holster.

The second is my IWB tuckable made from .060 Kydex. .060 is the best to work with. light, flexible and strong. I think everything from now on is going to be made with .060 Kydex.

The third is a hide-a-gun holster. It's made to mount either flat or butt down under a table. I made it to fit one of my Beretta 92f's. Two screws with or without spacers is all it needs to mount.

The next one is my attempt to make a paddle holster. It turned out pretty decent. I wanted something to carry my S&W 22a when out plinking.

Last is just a piece of scrap that I wrapped around my NAA 22mag. It's a Hide-a-gun holster that can be mounted with one screw. Nothing goes to waste! ;)

Some more pics!





Where did you get the product and how did you heat it.
I got everything here. http://www.knifekits.com/kk_1mainframe.htm I'm using a heat gun to heat the Kydex then use heat resistant foam pads to apply pressure to mold it around my weapon. Then it's just a matter of heating the holster and fine tuning the fit. After Christmas I'm going to make some more for some other weapons I have. I'll post the pics when I get them done.
Still prying . what was the grade or thickness you used? good project.
My first holster and the Hide-a-gun holster were made from .090 Kydex. The IWB tuckable was made from .060 Kydex and the belt clip from .090. The Paddle holster was a combination of .060 for the holster and .090 for the paddle. I have some .080 that I haven't tried. I really like the light, thin .060 Kydex. I'll probably be using a lot more of it than the other sizes.

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