High Intensity Flash Lights


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I am sure most of you have realized that the flash lights we have depended on for years just don't cut the mustard.

I was given a 200 lumen led flash light and now I am hooked on the high intensity lights.

When I am out with my fire arm I use my light all the time.

Now I have upgraded to the SSC P7 model It is unreal like having a spot light in your hands at all times.

Warning don't shine it in some bad guys eyes it will blind him for two minutes!--- Oh well one more for the good guys

Oh yeah the P7 has 900 lumens.


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They are getting so awesome. I have a Streamlight PT2L, 180L. It's such a great power light for such a compact size. I carry it all day everyday along with my pistol. To me not having a flash light is not smart.

aj's 40 cal

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dojoman i have the same light. its an awesome lil thing to have along with my gun and knife. i use it alot when out and about at night. im getting my gf the pt1L so she can have a small handy light at well, and 110 lumens is no joke either. i prefer somthing between 180 and 200, but she wants the small one. i also own several other streamlights as well including the monster ultrastinger at 275 lumens.love streamlights.


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I pickedc up a Fenix PD-30 at a gun show awhile back and that was a mistake. I was so impressed with it that I had to also get a PD-10 and a PD-20. The PD-20 is my favorite and I carry it with me all the time in my pocket. The Fenix lights are comparable to the Surefires at a much lower price and I highly recommend them. They seem to throw a little wider beam than some of the others which is both good and bad but take a look at them as they are good lights.


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180 200 lumen Wimps check out my 4 way tactical flash light.... 700 physically painful to look at lumen's that can throw a spot on the ground at high noon....

Sent one to my God Son in Iraq, he says that when being tail gated by Iraqis strobe mode will put them in the ditch....

Best part is that is uses AA battery's not the expensive Cr 123 and I put some very good NMH rechargeable in mine...

iTP A6 Polestar

•Cree MC-E LED, life span up to 50000 hours
•Three Brightness Levels(Low-Medium-High) and Tactical Strobe Mode
•Output and Runtime (output is at-emitter spec)
High Mode 700 Lumens/1.5 Hours
◦Medium Mode 160 Lumens/8 Hours
◦Low Mode 12 Lumens/50 Hours
◦Strobe 10HZ/10Hours

•Material: Aircraft Aluminum with Type III Hard Anodizing
•Reflector: Aluminum alloy Orange Peel Reflector with Perfect Beam
•Six AA Batteries, NiMh or Alakaline (Batteries not included)
•Lens:Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip
•Water and Dust Resistantace: IP68
•Switch: Side Switch
•Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F

Got mine from Flashlight Outlet: Tactical hand-held and weapons mount lighting specialist. State of the art LED Flashlights and LED lighting products. Waterproof Cases they give hefty discounts to military....:biggrin:

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