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Hey all, I've been on here a few weeks now and really enjoy and appreciate most of what I've seen. I've taken the class and applied for my Utah CC permit but I'm still debating on what type of conceal method to go with. I was already leaning toward right side IWB and that was also what my class instructor recommended. I'm 290, 6'2" so my options are somewhat limited. I first thought IWB center back would work but not so sure now. Any other big&talls out there that have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.

MG, we are pretty much the exact same size. If you're like me, you're probably carrying a bit too much belly, which complicates things (like your damn pants sliding down).

Here's what works for me: I carry a .45 XD (full-size, not compact) in OWB Mernickle slide holster at about 5 o'clock. I find that the gun rides much better in that position than at say 3 o'clock as it kind a rides on the back of my hip and so doesn't tend to make pants slide down. I do cinch my belt fairly tight.

From this position, I can also conceal with a shirt or jacket. Depending on the fit of the shirt or sweatshirt, I might print a bit, so that might be a consideration for you. I personally do not over-worry about printing, as we don't have to "completely" conceal here in ND. With a jacket, of course, absolutely no problem.

I like the slide hoster because I usually slip my weapon into the desk drawer at work and nobody even notices the slide holster on my belt. Most probably think it's a cell phone holder or something.

I carry pretty much 24/7 and don't even notice the firearm any more. Occasionally, usually when I'm hacking around the house in my sweats, and decide to run a quick errand, I drop a S&W snubby (.38 spl) in my pocket for the quick trip.

So, there ya go, brother, that's one big man's opinion. Good luck.
Thanks Flash. I would probably carry at about 4:00 especially since that position is least affected when in my car. I'm still trying to find some XXXLT straight bottom shirts to wear in the upcoming warmer weather. My boss carries and said I can at work also so the whole wardrobe thing is being adjusted. I'm also a Realtor and prefer wearing a tucked in shirt & tie when working that so the Kholster looks like a good option for when it's too hot for a jacket.

Anyway, thanks again and looking forward to more suggestions.
I am a big guy also (5'10" 340) I carry a Smith and Wesson 1911sc in a Gould and Goodrich SOB holster. It is very comfortable and easy to conceal, I just received a crossbreed holster for my J frame Smith and trying it on it seems very comfortable. I have not carried it yet but I believe it will be a good one.
I wouldn't recommend carrying at mid back. There is the whole slip and fall on your gun thing that has the potential for paralysis. I used to carry there until someone pointed that out to me. Paranoia is great... Anyway, I got me one of those IWB elastic holsters, fits most frame guns and put it at about 3:00 position. I am about your size too, except I am an inch shorter than you. So if we ever meet I need to remember to wear my boots. :) I can do that with a sub compact and pleated pants so that printing isn't an issue, and I wear a thick belt fairly tight. Another option, the same outfit I got my IWB from has a under the shoulder under shirt style elastic rig. I have to wear it with an under shirt, but if you are doing realty, you will have a button up shirt and a tie on and probably wearing an under shirt for sweat considerations. It puts the weapon under your left arm, and if you wear just the right size shirt, it never prints.

I got mine from ActionDirect but they don't appear to have a web presence anymore. But I have seen other manufacturers with similar rigs. Generally they call them comfort holsters.
I guess I have a bias from the way I was trained: you need to have the weapon in a position to retrieve it very rapidly, if necessary. For me, that's OWB, strong side. That's one reason I don't like "deep" concealment.

I have heard the "you don't want to fall on it" argument also, about SOB carry, so I've not been interested in that, either. No offense, obviously, to anyone who carries that way (or any other way), whatever floats your boat.

Around here, you can get by wearing a jacket for most of the year as even our summer nights usually are cool enough to warrant this, so that makes my carry a little easier.
You guys are small compared to me . I love my supertuck holster IWB made by cross breed . I carry a Smith And Wesson M&P 45 with no problems.Cross breed also gives you a trial period. :pleasantry:
I guess you could be shot carrying in any position, but with the SOB holster it actually points the muzzle down your belt and away from you. If it were to go off you may catch one in the upper buttocks but the muzzle is past the spine. I can draw from this position as fast as I can from strong side carry but concealment is much better and no pinching your side. Remember guys there are many myths and misconceptions about thing that are not the norm. I was just providing an answer that has worked well for this fat guy. The best thing to do is try many different ways and different holsters to find what works best for you.

I think that a good belt and holster is as important as a good gun. Many people spend several hundred dollars on a gun but wont spend more than 20.00 on an uncle mikes holster(sock) to carry it in. The best gun ever made won't do you any good if you can't draw it or keep it stable when walking or running.
Thanks guys. I never thought about the whole fall on your @$$ thing. That could definitely cause a problem, especially at my weight and living in North Idaho where ice is common in winter. I've thought about the under-the-shirt option as well. A friend of mine has one in white so it doesn't show through even a white dress shirt. I'll probably have a couple options, leaning toward IWB 4-5:00 position as well as under the shirt. Probably will have some revisions as time goes on, once I get my permit.
I'm 265 and 5'10. I have tried all kinds of holsters and finaly found one that is so comfortable I don't even rember I have it on. I am using a Kolster IWB, right side 4 O'clock. Kolster gives you 90 days return cash back and is more adjustable (almost too much so) than any I have seen.Plus it is much cheaper and can be tucked as well if you wear a dress shirt. As a plus, if you rough up the back of the leather body shield, it will actually HELP hold up the pants :) It rides low unless you adjust it higher, so the pistol handle stays flush on your side without sticking out or pinching. Kydex makes it easy to reholster and you can cut the leather backing to suit you if needed without voiding the warrante. I also have a high-noon OTB that I like if using a coat and tie but it costs twice as much as the Kolster and does not conceal as well..
(I am not affiliated with them in any way:))
Oh, I carry an older XD-40 Sub compact. Hope this helps. If you decide to try Kolster IM me.
I got mine from ActionDirect but they don't appear to have a web presence anymore. But I have seen other manufacturers with similar rigs. Generally they call them comfort holsters.

I googled action direct and came up with for the white under-the-shirt option.
I am 6'0" and close to 370 (working on it) and I carry a SW 5924 in Uncle Mikes OWB @ 3 o'clock .. with a long golf shirt or hoodie its fine. With a sport coat or dress coat no printing.. only issue can be the seat belt in my Durango, so I tilt the butt forward just a hair and adjust the belt. I firmly believe everyone is different and whatever works for you is the best solution for you..
I'm only 5' 6", but about 210, so I figure I'm just a shorter version. I have been looking at the Cell Pal holster, and wondering if anyone had any thoughts about that? If it works as well as they advertise, it could be another reasonable option. JM2CW.

I use a Crossbreed supertuck and really like it. The leather that covers the top of the pistol lets your skin flow over it without pinching and helps keep from patterning. I pack a 1911 in it and with just an oversize shirt no one knows.
I'm a big guy too. I'm just over 6'6" and about 325. My favorite holster in the world is a Milt Sparks Versa-Max IWB holster. It is worn just behind the hip, foward of your back pocket, and has two snap straps that attach to your belt, while the holster is in your waistband. I carry a Colt or Kimber Commander type 1911, or a Glock 30. I also frequently carry a Glock 26 or 27 or a S&W J Frame 38 in a Kramer Pocket Holster in the front pocket. The little 38 snubby doesn't show, but the Baby Glocks stick out a little bit. It's as easy as wearing a colored T-shirt, then wearing a button up type shirt open. This helps to drape over the pocket and cover any buldge that appears when carrying the Glock. I also use an open shirt when wearing the Versa Max holster. One other option I like is the Crossbreed IWB, also worn just behind the right hip. I carry a Commander under an untucked t-shirt, with an open shirt also. This covers any outline if I bend over or the t-shirt is slightly tighter. Works for me.
I googled action direct and came up with for the white under-the-shirt option.

Cool, that is them. They either changed their name or bought out Action Direct. I have the ones called Deep Cover, that is the T-Shirt one, and the Defender Belly Band.
I carry a Sig P220 most times ( an ultra-light titanium revolver in the warm weather)...found that being a big guy, IWB strong side was the best overall...since we are both in the same general geographical area, PM me if you are interested in more specifics!
well I am not a big guy I am acctually a fairly small guy (more reason to carry) I have a Kholster for my S&W 99 at about the 4-5 position and I will tell you it is COMFORTABLE. it looks big and bulky and I wont lie it is but it holds the weapon really well you can acctually turn it upside down and shake and the weapon stays. I love that it is pretty much fully adjustable and tuckable. I have tucked my shirt around it a few times and all you could only see the two belt hooks. I also have a xd 40 full size I carry at about 330 in a blackhawk serpa(depending on how I feel that day) if I conceal/"buldge carry" it I just lay my shirt or jacket over it and call it good. I have showed my Kholster to friends and family and the initial reaction always is Holy CRAP that thing is huge and I just say yup but comfy. I've been using the Kholster for about 2 months now and the only comlaint is it is kinda akward to put on in the morning but you get use to it.
I'm telling ya, I have a closet full of holsters! IWB, OTB and every configuration and manufacturer you could think of and nothing comes close to the Kolster. Yep, it is ugly but it disapears once you have it on. Great retention, easy reholstering and you will forget it is there other than the weight of the weapon. When I opened the box I had the same reaction. Holy crap that thing is ugly AND large, but it spreads the weight and was the most comfortable holster I have ever tried right out of the box. You can try it for 90 days and if you don't like it you can send it back for %100 refund. Anything ever goes wrong you just send it back and they fix it or give you a new one and at $49.00 including 2 day delivery it is the best deal, by far, out there.

I carry the XD-40 SC and it is held so tightly agaist my side that I can wear a t-shirt and it does not show. Love Kolsters!
+1 for another happy Crossbreed Supertuck customer. I'm 6'2" 275 - carry XD 45c in the ST at 3:00 - extremely comfortable.

BIG thing tho - get a GOOD gun belt. Makes all the difference in the world - no matter who makes the holster.

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