Head of the violence policy center has FFl


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Of course I am not surprised, the head of an anti 2A group would have a Federal Firearms License


The quintessence of hypocrisy?

Posted by David Hardy · 11 February 2008 11:26 AM
Josh Sugarmann, head of Violence Policy Center, has a Federal Firearm Dealer's license. The business address is VPC's headquarters in D.C.. Which, if I recollect DC law correctly, means VPC is exempt from the handgun ban they defend.

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[FONT=Arial,Helvetica]Violence Policy Center
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica]1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Suite 1014
Washington, DC 20036
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica]phone (202) 822 8200[/FONT]

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I mean WTF!?
That's even worse than Sarah Brady doing a straw purchase and breaking the state law where she bought.
Evil people.
Just for fun I thought I would send VPC and email. Here it is.

I am simply curious about something that has come to my attention. It is obvious that your organization does not support our second amendment rights. My question is simple. Why does Josh Sugarmann have an active Federal Firearms License with VPC's address on it?

I'll let you know what the answer is. I doubt I'll receive one though.
I lithe guy's suggestion

that you buy some cheap gun (that super cheap .22 - Lorcan? or whatever) and have it shipped to them for pickup. Whay an NRA photo opp when a couple of hundred volunteers showed up to pickup their weapons at their local FFL! :eek:
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A bit like the president of AA having a liquor license :confused:

Total hypocrisy - bet this doesn't get front page in the anti gun media.


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