Have You Named Your Gun?


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Stacy Keach, on the Mike Hammer TV show had named his 45 Betsy. Anyone out there named your carry gun? :rolleyes:

I call my .45 "The Kimber", the .380 I named "The Walther", my .38 is referred to as "The '60'" . . . like that.
my code words for my wife and I are "noisey cricket" when I have my little .357 and "PC" for pocket cannon when I carry the xd45. She knows i'm always armed but she likes to guess which i'm wearing. It's our little game we play when we go out together.
Ha! This is a hoot! There was also a TV comedy, "Sledge Hammer". The detective had a 44 magnum that he talked to and slept with, but I can't recall if it had a name or not. And let's not forget Nicholas Cage's "Eleanor", the most beautiful Ford Mustang ever in "Gone in 60 Seconds". :rolleyes:

As for me, I'm contemplating... Let's see. Bob, Dorothy, Will Robinson? I think not.
I haven't named my guns or my vehicles, except we call our surburban the "beast" because it's easier to say than suburban. My brother has a pair of matching pistols (can't remember what kind) one blued and one stainless he calls Salt and Pepper.
Thor's Hammer = Moljnor

Allan Quartermain = London stock broker--murdered by Provision IRA


Haha...Go back a little bit more in history on both and you'll find the symbol of great power and a great fictional hunter who discovered king solomon's mine. No fair getting PC with gun names... :D
No names for the "weaponry"..but the code word thing is a good idea..we have been using the word "Widget"..the wife will ask if I have the widget in my pocket etc..as for the truck, no name officially, but it has been dubbed "The Guzzler" and at a whopping 5 mpg, it just seemed appropriate!
If I have to describe a gun --I call it what it is--CZ,XD,etc.
The only reason I would name something would be if I needed to call it. I always know where my guns are so I don't need to name them.:)
Wife # 2, usually referred to as the crazy gold digging sick b itch named my gun "Willy". But then a lot of people refer to that particular "weapon" as "Willy."

OH! you mean "that" kind of a gun! :o

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