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Anybody shoot at the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine, Tx, or any other Bass Pro Shop for that matter? I'm curious to know if you've had problems carrying concealed to and from the range.

Most of the staff have allowed me to carry concealed both to and from the range, but lately I've been hassled by the Range Master about them putting a trigger lock on it on the way out. I was even told today that carrying concealed(CHL) into the range was OK, but after firing the gun it would have to be trigger locked at the range and then unlocked at the exit of the store. As far as I know, Bass Pro does not prohibit licensed concealed carry in their stores, so this just doesn't make since to me. I can shop all day long with it, but if I use it at their range, I'm not allowed to CC it on the way out?

Has anybody else had these issues, or have an explanation?

Not a very good situation. I would write a letter to the general manager of the store and request a written response. The logic makes no sense. A written response would clarify the policy and may cause the GM to review policy and hopefully correct the nonsense. I remember shooting at Bass Pro Shop in Las Vegas. After I finished shooting, I packed up the non-carry guns (Ruger 22-45, and Beretta 92). The guy checking me out saw me holstering my Glock 23. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him that I have my CFP for NV. After checking my license, the guy apologized and allowed me to holster my loaded firearm and conceal my extra magazines. I was asked to wait for an associate who escorted me to the front door. As I was walking out, I chatted with the associate. He told me that it's store policy to escort "armed" customers to the front door. It's an insurance compliance thing. They usually put trigger locks on firearms until the customers get to the exit. This is where a customer service rep would remove the locks and send the customer on their way. Since I had my own locking gun case, I was allowed to secure my non-carry stuff and simply be escorted to the front door. I don't agree with the policy, but understand that insurance companies sometimes require businesses to do things that don't make much sense. :(

Hope you're able to get a satisfactory resolution to your situation.


I wouldn't shoot there. Further, I don't buy into that "insurance compliance" story either. It simply doesn't make sense on two levels.

1. Why would only some of the businesses have an insurance company that requires this? Countless gunstores DON'T have an insurance carrier with that so-called policy. OKAY, maybe small businesses are too unsophisticated to shop for their insurance and save some significant amount on insurance expenses. Yet, the SW I shopped at in WA would carry your newly-purchased weapon to the front door for you, but never insisted I needed an escort for walking around or exiting even though the staff knew I carried. SW is as big an operation (or maybe larger) as BP so how much does BP supposedly save with this insurance company? At the very least a letter asking this question could make them shop for a different insurance carrier.

2. In line with the "escort" services, do they insist on escorting "armed customers" all around the store while they shop? That seems obviously impossible. Why would an "escort" be part of any possible consequence to any action you might take? Unless, of course, your escort is armed and prepared to shoot you if you make a wrong move. Now, I do understand that if you buy a firearm and leave it sitting in a shopping cart while you keep shopping over in the sleeping bag section or (Wal-Mart) decide to try on a pair of pants in the clothing section that would make sense to pick up the weapon as you left.

This doesn't sound like business, it sounds like someone made it up as a semi-logical excuse in order to avoid questions or has possibly misinterpreted some other policy such as it doesn't apply to properly licensed/permitted carriers. Smells fishy to me.
Part of the problem may lie in the fact that when they see you leaving from the firing range with a loaded holstered firearm, at that point, they know you're armed. Folks who carry concealed and don't advertise can be put into the "plausible deniability" category. Once the store "knows" that you're armed, they have a higher responsibility to be sure that you're in compliance with the law. I'm not an attorney, insurance agent, insurance adjuster, etc, though I do understand that folks like to sue folks for a lot of stuff these days. I think a letter to the store GM would clear up the issue. If they don't provide a valid answer, the I would shop somewhere else. It may be a state law requrement for all we know.

I'll quote "Sgt. Sig" - ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!
the bass pro here in Va. doesnt have a range, but when they first opened if you bought a firearm there the either escorted you to the door or sent it to the customer sevice desk for you to pick up on your way out. each time they put a gunlock on the weapon. Presently several of my friends have bought firearms at the gun counter and ammo and have been allowed to continue shopping while carrying that around with them. Go figure. The last thing they need to do is upset the gun totin community, they will be out of buisness.
I have written a letter to the manager asking for clarification, but have not received a response.

I don't buy the insurance thing either, as they do not prohibit concealed carry any other time. You may have a point that once you fire it, then they know you have it, but that's no different than asking to see your CHL license at the door and then allowing you to carry concealed to the range.

I usually have my carry gun on me, but I almost always have one or two in my range bag as well. Would you guys consider a weapon in a range bag to be concealed??? My range bag is pretty non discript, with no gun manufacturer logo on it.
Concealed in Range Bag?

If a fanny pack or purse is considered a concealed carry location for a permit holder, it sure seems like your range bag/shoulder duffel would count too.
No Bass pro stores in my area, like Glockfan said could be because they know you are when you leave. I would try and fine another place to practice. conservation clubs are great places, I find mine to be very friendly and alot of extra things to do outside of the norm.
My Pro Bass allow ccw holders to go and come from the range without trigger locks, no ccw and they put trigger locks on at the front door, the range takes them off and puts them back on when leaving.
For those of you interested, here is the reply I received today from the General Manager. Sounds ridiculous, but I will comply with their policy.

"What you were told is correct, once you have brought the gun into view
of the range master or you declare that you have a gun even with a CHL
he is then obligated to treat it as no longer concealed and lock it upon
re-entry to the store for you to go to the greeter stand and have the
lock removed.

I am sorry if there is any confusion or inconveniences, if you have any
further questions don't hesitate to ask."

Thank you,
Michael Black
General Manager
Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World
Grapevine TX
Sounds like the "plausible deniability" situation that I talked about earlier. Many businesses have similar policies for "liability" reasons. Some may think it's "stupid", "doesn't make sense", etc., but I've actually seen legal cases (I'm a legal process server and usually read through the complaints before serving them) where businesses have been sued because someone felt "threatened" in the establishment and the business did "nothing" about it. I strongly recommend that if you're going to continue to shoot at that establishment, carry the guns you're shooting into the store in a case. Carry your concealed firearm as usual, do your shooting, and leave when you're done. If you need to shoot your normal "carry" gun, then use another gun as your "carry" gun for the day, and treat your normal carry gun as you would the other range guns.

Until folks stop suing people for "stupid" stuff, things like this will continue to happen.

The only range my BPS has is a bow range, for playing Indians.
They don't have anything for those of us who like to play cowboys...
Glock, I'm sure you're right about it being a liability issue. I personally think it's stupid, but at least now I know what their policy is. It's just a hassell to wait in line at the range counter to have it locked and then again at the front door which is about 125' away. I'll comply.
I shot yesterday at pro bass, I carried my concealed in my waist ban as usual,check in my other guns. I shot my carry gun then reloaded my carry ammo put back in the waist and checked out. No hassles .
here in indianapolis, we don't have a bass pro but, at our local gander mountain, which doesn't have a range, they require guns going in to the gunsmith unloaded and bagged but that doesn't apply to carry permit holders, we're free to carry as usual. now, at the gunshop that has an indoor range, they won't allow any loaded weapons into the store. you have to leave your drivers licsense, enter the range and then load. my point is these are all private property. weither it's insurance or ignorance, it's their store-their rules . our voice and our dollars are all the influence we have, i applaude you for making your position known to the manager, even if it doesn't change the policy.
I had no problem with the Bass Pro shop in Las Vegas. I'll see what happens next time I'm there.

Maybe a letter to the corporate office of Bass Pro Shops will clarify if it's an individual store policy or a company wide policy. Sort of like the Wal-Mart situation.

I think I'm done with it. I really just wanted to know the store policy. It is private property, and they don't have a policy against CC. The least I can do is try to be respectful. Besides, they are the cheapest and nicest range around. I probably just won't tell them even if I do shoot my carry gun. I'll let them lock up my rimfire. That way they're happy and I'm protected leaving the range.

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