Happy B'Day to me...


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Well not really, but I located a Glock 21SF with night sights today for $650, which I thought was reasonable. Almost bought the wife a G19 as well for $525, but she wants to shoot one at the range before buying.

I take it you purchased the G21SF?? By the way, just got an email from Gunsamerica.com, there is a Glock 19 for sale NIB with two 15rnd mags for $525....
I did buy it. I haven't found any deals on the auction sites. With shipping and FFL fees, it's almost always cheaper to buy locally. There isn't a shortage of G19's. It's just a matter of the wife deciding she wants it. She doesn't get as passionate about her guns as I do.
Congrats on the new toy! Yeah my wife is the same way... I bought the G19 for her to carry. We are going to take it out and break it in this weekend. I think she will have a more pleasurable shooting experience with the 9mm than the .40 cal. She is on the petite side and am sure she could handle the G23 just fine once she got used to it. For now the recoil is still a little much for her even with the modifications I have made. In fact, the 20lb. spring makes it harder for her to pull the slide back. So, I have started carrying the Glock 23... I have to use the small G27 for deep concealment when I am at the office.

There is a big time shortage of G19's in my area!!! I have been looking for months. That is what I originally wanted to get for the wife and settled on the G23 because a G19 just couldn't be found.
Happy Birthday and congrats on the gun. Now we just need pics! lol

I know. I need to get the camera out. I've got my AR10 just about how I want it and I'm looking for a tac light for the new G21. Surefire X300 sure is nice, but very expensive for only a light (no laser).
I just picked up a G19 NIB for 539. in Reno, NV.
Very nice, but haven't been able to shoot it yet.
We found a NIB G19 at the gun show today for $509. We both shot the G19 at the range the other day and loved it. I sold one of my shotguns, so now I need another shot gun. Found a Mossberg 500 Persuader with a telescoping stock for $399. I wasn't sure if it was a good deal or not. I would have taken it if it was $399 out the door, but tax and BG check added $50. I'm also considering a Saiga 12ga Auto Loader or a Remington 870 tactical.

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