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A while back a bill was proposed in SC, one that would solve many problems but also had some issues. After a massive pissing contest between Grassroots SC, disgruntled members, and representatives amending the bill nothing has been heard for two months.

Grassroots does not answer any email questions so does anyone hear anything. I am concerned because I and others have been waiting for them to clear up the ambiguity of the restaurant carry.

In six weeks it will be time for the SC legislation to take it's "much needed rest" they will be back in JANUARY. So any bill is almost dead for a year.

Has anyone heard anything at all???

In all probability it is dead at least for this year. Since the session is a two year time frame the bill can still be acted on next year. I think you described what happened correctly and things have gotten even nastier. Hopefully by next Jan. they can decide who's boot is the fullest and get something done but I am not holding out hope.

Right now I don't think anyone from GRGR can answer anything about it due to a court order.
As of the moment there is no GRGR due to the court order to cease all Corporate functions, it is name only. This is my understanding.
Link Removed This bill made the list of those that will not be considered any further this year. Just as well because friends and foes alike threw everything they could think of into it and it turned into a real pile of poop. Maybe next year they can keep a narrow focus on restaurant carry and at least get one thing accomplished. Bill
Next year is an election year.
Normally, legislators would be looking to pass laws that would appeal to the gun owner vote.
However, they got smacked around so badly by Grassroots over their efforts this year that I don't think they'll want to tackle anything gun-related during the coming election year.
The legislative process is one of compromise; needless confrontation don't feed the bulldog.

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