Guns on Campus (with concealed carry permit)


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  • Guns on Campus (with concealed carry permit)
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    I think part of the reason that schools have become such killing zones is because they have been gone free zones thanks to fascist liberals suppressing the right to bear arms. If some ethical well-trained students and teachers with concealed carry permits were allowed to concealed carry it might help reduce shooting massacres. If we went back to the old fashioned teaching gun safety and responsibility instead of the fascist liberal mentality of blaming the gun instead of the shooter.

    Another problem with the fascist liberals is they have a tendency to sympathize too much with the shooters as well as sensationalize the shootings.

    I think it\'s OK to shoot in legitimate self-defense or the legitimate defense of others.

    I think it\'s pathetic to sympathize with a shooter because they were teased or because they broke up with a girlfriend. It is hateful greedy self-centered sociopathic behavior to massacre people over such petty selfish grievances. It\'s terrorism to deliberately massacre innocent people for no justified reason.

    If you\'re such a pathetic person that you can handle a little teasing or breaking up with a girlfriend, then perhaps you should remove yourself from the gene pool without hurting others. First you should seek professional help in case there\'s a solution you haven\'t thought of.

    If you get dumped by a lover, big deal most people have, move on, find another lover or find happiness alone.

    Rejection and failure is a part of life, it\'s not necessarily the end of the world. Like a wise man once said, the road to success is often paved with failures.
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:jester:ya that was good, keep it up. i emailed it to a couple of my friends hope you don't mind:jester:

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