Good Encounter During Bad Situation


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Well, my neighborhood has experienced a rash of recent thefts and burglaries....4 that I know of since Sunday. So my neighbor and I were just walking around making a presenc when we noticed a suspiciously parked car. Long story short, I'm on the phone w/ the dispacher until the officers show up, & she makes the comment along the lines of "Well, I hope he's not armed. You're not...." I told her, "You BET I am". Oh Lord, I think she had the image of Joe Horn's dispacher in her mind. She said that she wouldn't let them know that I'm armed, just to keep them from getting nervous. "You know to tell them with your hands visible, right?" Yes ma'am.....

So they finally show up, I'm waving at them and they drive up to me. I've got my shirt back behind my gun while I'm walking (open carry), & I hold my hands out to the guy and say "Hey man, I'm carrying here on my hip" and turn towards him a little. He couldn't have cared less.....

We went about our disucssion and had no problems. Turns out, the car parked in the alley belonged to the guy who lived there. He pulled it into his garage while I was on the phone with dispach.

Kudos to the friendly cop that gave us some good pointers on getting more police presence in the neighborhood.

I carried open in VA alot when I lived there and it's a very mixed emotion from LEO. I looked 12 years old until I was 30 and I've been heavily tattooed since I was 21 so I could understand.

Nice job on pacing the 'hood and taking resposibilty for you and your neighbors safety. If we all did this more we'd all be alot safer.

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