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Title says it clearly. I'm going to be spending a week in Ohio in May of '15 visiting my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. I live in Oklahoma, where I hold a CCW license. I know the laws here, but am not sure of those in your State. Are there any little "gotchyas" I need to look out for? For example, OK is an "open carry" State. I carry concealed as a social courtesy.......but if the wind blows my coat or shirt back and my weapon is temporarily exposed I don't panic. In OK, a "No Handguns" sign is legally just a request from the establishment owner. If caught carrying there, one can only be asked to leave or take their weapon to their vehicle, whereupon they'll allowed back in. If they choose not to then they can be charged with trespassing....which is a $250 fine here, but they don't go to jail. Don't know how any of that works in Ohio. Just don't want to end up with my face in the dirt because I didn't follow the rules while visiting my grandchildren. Any constructive help would be appreciated.

A few basics:

1. Ohio is also an open carry state but one needs a CHL to legally carry a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle. If you are printing or the wind reveals your gun, no problem.

2. "No guns" signs have the force of law and you are in violation if you "knowingly" ignore a sign posted in a "conspicuous location". However, I don't stand at the door for five minutes looking at every decal to see if the place is posted or not. Either the sign is visible as I approach and I don't go in or I enter the establishment. You do not need to be asked to leave to be in violation.

3. If you are stopped for "law enforcement purposes", you need to inform the cop of your license and the fact that you are carrying.

4. You can legally carry in bars and restaurants as long as you don't consume any alcohol.

See here for more details:
Thanks, much appreciated. Pretty much expected most of those because they are similar, if not exactly the same in OK.
What area of Ohio will you be visiting? The state is relatively gun friendly, but they are not used to seeing guns visible in the larger metro areas.
I am in the East Central area of the state and open carry every day. During the Winter my coat covers my weapon just out of necessity.
On your trip here using AR, TN and KY as travel routes would be your best when carrying concealed. Even open in TN & KY without any problem.
Hope you have an uneventful trip and visit.

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