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This afternoon I decided I wanted to go look at 1911s at the gunshop I keep being drawn back to like a magnet. I just had it in my mind that I wanted a .45 to carry. I fondled with great love quite a few Colts, a couple Springfields, a Taurus, and some Kimbers.

Just as I was about to put a Kimber Custom II in layaway I began to fondle a Pro Crimson Carry II.

Yup. I changed my mind and got Crimson Carry. I liked the feel of it when I was handling it so that sold me on the deal.

Not sure if I'll have any issues finding a comfortable holster to use with the laser grips or not.

Should I go back and get the Custom II too?:to_pick_ones_nose:

800 for the Crimson Carry and 750 for the Custom II. Price seemed decent enough.

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Milt Sparks

I have a Kimber Custom II and Eclipse Pro II both with crimson trace grips. I carry in a Milt Sparks VM2 with no problem. I have not found a holster that has a problem with the crimson trace grips. Serpa, fobus, etc.

Now just remember I am right handed. Left handed carry may present a problem due to the location of the laser but I have not tried it.

$50 difference for the laser. You can't buy one for that price. Buy the Custom if you want but keep the Crimson Carry.
I carry my Kimber in a basic cheapo Galco IWB and it carries just fine. The laser shouldn't affect it as the grip itself doesn't go into the holster.
Man i want one of those. I too picked one up and fell in love with it. Going to have to wait till tax time but I will have one:biggrin:. I will have to say that here in Ky they are a bit more pricey. The Pro Crimson Carry II i picked up was 986. Too bad i can't just hop up to Mi and pick one up. Hope you like it. Can't wait to get one muself.
I carry a Kimber Ultra CDP II in a Comp Tac Infidel holster. It's a great setup so you may want to take a look at there holsters. Also congrats on the Kimber your going to love it.

Just a heads up, mine sometimes has problems with new mags so make sure before you take it to the range you load the mags up for a couple days. That'll seat the mag spring and you should be good to go.
GOT a Kimber! I went and picked it up today. Kind of shocked I made it this long without going and getting it out of layaway.

Immediately slung a hundred rounds down range.

100 rounds= 1 misfeed and 2 failure to eject. ( didn't quite clear the port before the slide caught the casing )

Also after about the third dead on shot with the laser, the laser jumped and was then pointing at the lane next to me instead of where it should have been. A minor adjustment and it is all set again. First time shooting it without the laser I kept a 5" group at 10 yards. I won't complain because I haven't fired a 1911 before and the gun still had that new gun smell.

Also tossed 100 rounds at my Hk today and 50 yesterday.

Over all I'm very happy with my Kimber. NO buyer's remorse at all other than I wish I had bought it before I bought the J frame my kid brother scammed me out of. Once it's broken in I'll be a very satisfied customer I believe.

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