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I have two of the 4 Day Defensive Handgun Courses if anyone is interested. I'd sell one for $250, or two for $400. I've already taken this course and it truly is excellent. Please reply if interested.
Took the quiz here, got inundated with emails, just as they promised, got a little pertinent information for practice, then opted-out.

End of story.
I have been to Front Sight several times and I upgraded my membership several times and am now I'm an Ambassador with Front Sight. The instruction is top notch, the facilities are great. The instructors and staff impressed me with their professionalism, knowledge, and talent. This was better training than I expected to receive and I keep going back several times a year and always learn something new everytime. You are greeted at the start and processed through the check-in and assigned a range. Training starts off really slow and easy and then gets faster and more complex as the course goes on and great lectures. I have some extra memberships if anyone would like to get professional training, let me know.
Would love to take the training, but cannot afford the trip. Maybe if they get one in florida or the south, possibly. Out of reach, so far.

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