Free Crimson Trace DVD, Catalog, price list & more.


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Free Crimson Trace CD, Catalog, prices & more.

I ordered my 1st catalog from Crimson Trace © a week ago, it arrived today in a USPS large envelop. The whole pack was and remains free with no catches or e-mail Spam, telemarketing follow-up.
The 2008 catalog is 28 pages long. It contains all of their laser sights for guns, rifles, 1 compound bow + 1 full-sized crossbow.
Each model has a large picture of the gun it fits onto, next to that are the specs for that make of CT sight. It has a retail price list for all their models separate 4 pages, an audio/visual CD called 'Shots in the Dark' a Paladin production by veteran firearms trainer Clyde Caceres and runs for 75 mins. A 4" x 4" decal suitable for a weapons carrying case, or something that will hold a round 3.5" decal saying 'Lasergrips' (top + bottom with the letters CTC in white on a red background. No mention of guns or hostile threats! A 4 page flier called 'Five Things Every Handgun Owner Should Know' as the front head-line. Good info about lased vs. normal CQC tactics inside. A card that says 'Free Batteries for Life', basically saying that if U buy a set of Lasergrips between now and 31 Dec 08 Crimson Trace will buy you one set of batteries a year every year and deliver them to your door. Delivery time 6 weeks. Offer valid only in the USA, upon further reading I found they only supply battery #2032 (which BTW is the Li battery sold with every pistol/CT sight I saw in their magazine). The batteries are not shipped automatically but the address, web-site and toll-free phone number is on the back to order them. They sell other batteries at $1 a pop, pack of 5 for $4.50 with free shipping on orders of 10 or more. Finally up front of the package I got was a welcome letter full of information and points of contact signed by Nathan Hoke, Customer Service Director. In that letter he mentions downloadable training tips and forums, plus feedback and dealer locations. This is how you get yours free:
Get A Catalog - Crimson Trace Corporation
Or call 1-800-442-2406 M-F 7am-5pm (Pacific Time Zone)
I have got plenty of free weapons related catalogs and offers in the mail over the years, but this is IMHO a very professional set that belongs in your magazine rack if Crimson Trace and you do business. I do not consider this Spam, it is a SITREP on some hi-end laser sighting equipment for people who want Crimson Trace products, and only posted once.
I am not affiliated with Crimson Trace, I only post this as a very nice collection of information current for 2008 with every model they sell.
I hope you take advantage of this offer, or wait until the 2009 packet comes out which will probably have more models of guns that fit CT sights. They have 35 models listed for semi-auto pistols, 3 for long guns/rifles, 15 for revolvers, 1 (universal fit) for a compound bow and one for full-sized crossbow, also universal fit.

I hope this information helps out any USA Carry patron who uses or is considering the Crimson Trace sights. As one of their 1st costumers 10 years ago, I wouldn't buy a gun that would not accept a C-T sighting system add-on.


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I think Crimson Trace a great company with a terrific product line. I have one on my M&P 45fs. Will get the soon-to-be-released LG-431 for the Ruger LCP. Am campaigning for them to develop a model for the M&P 45c which would now be my concealed EDC but for the lack of a LaserGrip for it. I encourage people to use the Future Model Request form Crimson Trace - Future Model Request.

They also have a monthly drawing for a free set of LaserGrips. Sweepstakes for Free Lasergrips :: Crimson Trace

Their forum is a great place to interact with the Crimson Trace team. They are generous with their time in answering questions.Crimsontrace - Index

Thanks Canis-Lupus for reminding us of this company and product line.
I ordered mine last week as well. You can also watch the whole dvd "Shots in the dark" on youtube it's vary well done and have a lot of information in it. It looks as if it was made in the 90's as the video seems a little old. Cant wait for it to get here well have more stuff to read lol. Now i just have to talk the wife into letting me get some grips any one got a site with a good price? best i have found so far is around 230 to 225 for a set of full size M&P grips.
Thanks. I just received the catalog in the mail. Although they are out of the DVDs right now, they said that the new DVD they've just made will ship sometime around the end of September. The replacement DVD is titled " The Art of Survival: Real World Laser Tactics".
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